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IQ: Dream Bucks



Who doesn't daydream about winning the Lottery, being able to do whatever we want, not having to do anything we hate? What are the odds of that?


Rebecca Lorenz
Environmental attorney Old Colorado City

How often do you play? Never. I don't throw away hard-earned money.

Say you won. What would you buy? My first impulse would be donating to environmental organizations I belong to.

What would change in your life if you won big? I'd get a less stressful profession that I could do for enjoyment in the environmental field.

What's the most you've ever won? A door prize.


Mary Vandezande
Dept. of Human Services Ivywild

How often do you play? Never. The math is pretty bad. My sister in California plays regularly and she's never won.

What's the most you've won? An aquarium at a pet store when I was 7.

How would winning big change your life? I'd retire to pursue my other life: making paper sculptures.


Eric Desch
Computer programmer Northeast

Say you won a bundle. What would you buy first? I'd donate to the building fund at my church, Bethel Mennonite.

What would you buy for yourself? The church would come first, but maybe I'd travel a little in Europe and the Mediterranean.

What's the most you've ever won? Five bucks.


Julie Foster
Retired from D-20 Black Forest

How often do you play? Every now and then when I get a hunch. I'd buy more tickets if I had a legitimate chance to win $20 every now and then. We need more little payoffs.

What would you buy if you won big? I don't want a yacht, I don't want to travel, I don't want a grandiose house. I'd pay off my house and do some things for the homeless and people with disabilities.


Kendra Ryderwhite
Retail and food service Downtown

How often do you play? Never. The odds of winning are eight billion to one.

What would you buy if you won? I'd give ten percent to charity off the top -- half to domestic violence, half to ocean research. Then I'd buy a car. I'd use the rest for non-stop travel. Go to Berlin for a night, stay in a hostel, take off again.

-- Bob Campbell

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