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IQ: College daze



College -- and the college experience -- is wasted on the young. Ah, if Boomers could only repeat those four (or so years) knowing what we know now.

Sheri Flowers
Albuqueque Nurse (and frustrated artist)

What's the best advice you can offer a college student? I'd suggest not going into nursing -- unless you happen to be the devoted, self-sacrificing type who likes the prospect of long hours and low pay. You should follow your heart and do what you love, not something you think you'll make a lot of money at or that your dad wants you to do.

What were your weirdest study habits? Caffeine, benzedrine, dexydrine.

Describe your most bizarre job while putting yourself through college. I was a "Tiki Goddess" in a Tahitian restaurant. Up 'til then, I'd been doing jobs like being a pharmacy technician and a nurse's aide. Then I saw an ad for a Tiki Goddess to serve the joint's "mystery drink" -- this concoction that foamed and had smoke rising from it. They told me over the phone to wear a bikini for the interview. I did, there was no interview, and I got the job.

What did you do to get suspended in high school? I hated high school, but I mostly stayed out of trouble.


Jon Rubenstein
West Side
Owner of Utopia Caf

What's your best advice to a new college student? Stay in school, get your degree and keep going. These days, the more degrees the better. Also, watch your money and don't get a credit card.

What was your weirdest study habit? I liked to study at 3 a.m. with both the TV and stereo on. Background noise helps me think.

What's your worst job in college? Transferring magnetic tapes to microfilm from midnight to 7 a.m. in a building totally deserted except for me.

How do you keep from getting caught nodding off in class? Do like I did and learn to sleep with your head propped up.

What did you do to get suspended in high school? I got drunk at the World's Fair and threw up in the bus on the way home.


Hal Lindfelt
Old North End
Retired high-school teacher

What's your best advice for new college students? Go to class. Learn the ins and outs of your school's system. Take classes from the best professors there.

What was your weirdest study habit in college? Cramming for finals in a bar.

What was your strangest job during college? Working as the night clerk in a cheap hotel with some interesting characters, including a few prostitutes.

What did you get suspended for in high school? Tying tin cans to a dog's tail and then setting it loose in the school halls.

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