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IQ: Black and blue and red



With Democrats and Republicans both claiming to speak for "the American people," Congress is mired in stalemate. The single issue uniting most Americans, meanwhile, is thorough dissatisfaction with their representatives in toto.


Bill Mansheim

College administrator

Project yourself just six weeks into the future. Has health care reform been signed into law? I doubt it. It's too advantageous for Republicans to delay it.

What's the next big issue for Republicans and Democrats to butt heads over? Whether to increase taxes or let the national debt skyrocket.

What is your view of Congress presently? Utter disgust. The Dems have gone too far to the left, just like the Republicans went too far to the right under Bush. They need to meet more in the middle because that's where most Americans are.


Lisa Schoenstein
Templeton Gap area

Bartender/admin assistant/musician

Predict the unemployment situation a year from today. It'll be better. It's the natural tendency of broken things to become whole.

Six weeks from now, will Obama have signed off on health care reform? Yes, and it'll be full of holes. There won't be much reform.

What do the words "tea party" bring to mind? If it were a TV show, I'd change the channel. If it were a conversation, I'd change the subject.

Rate the job Congress is doing. Congress needs reform even more than health care.


Jessie Tierney

Wrangler at kids camp

Will Congress enact health care reform in the foreseeable future? Yes. Hopefully something that includes universal coverage, but I'm doubtful.

Predict the next don't-budge-an-inch issue for Dems and Republicans. Energy — whether to go nuclear or renewable.

How do you assess Congress at present? They're into quick fixes, not the long-term solutions that'll benefit my kids some day.


Dan Sieck
West side

High school science teacher

Forecast unemployment a year hence. Things are gradually improving. Store parking lots are full, people are out there spending money. Unemployment will be somewhere around 7.5 percent.

Are we going to get a health care reform bill? No. Too many people want too many different things.

Are you happy with Congress? No matter what the issue, both parties automatically do the opposite of what the other wants.

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