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IQ: Be nice to your mother



The world is coming alive again and another Earth Day is upon us. Still, Mother Nature is a little worse for wear these days. Treat her to a little kindness and TLC.


Ron Nichols
American Cancer Society Peregrine

What is Earth Day to you? A chance to reflect on all the good things we've done for the Earth.

How crucial is it to protect endangered species? Species have come in and out of existence for millenniums, and it's going to continue happening. We've all got to eat and we've all got to live. We can't put everyone out of work so that we can have a couple of extra trees.

Should we drill for oil in Alaska? It would allow us to get us off our dependence on foreign oil and give us some time to develop other energy resources.

What have you done in the past year to preserve environmental resources? We Xeriscape our yard.


Jack Null
Transportation broker South Circle area

What does Earth Day mean to you? Getting information out about how we can recycle what we have now and save our natural resources.

How important is it to protect endangered species? Every living thing is an essential part of an ecology. Take the Preble's Meadow jumping mouse. Certain plant species may need the mouse to disperse its seeds, or the red-tailed hawk may live off the mouse. The disappearance of one species creates a domino effect. Lose one link in the chain and others crash, too.

What have you done in the past year to preserve our planet? I helped a friend build a 100-percent resource-friendly straw-bale house.

What's your favorite extinct species? The Tully monster. It lived 300 million years ago and was about as big as your forearm, had a manatee-type tail, an elephant-like proboscis coming out of its head with a claw apparatus on the end of it, and its mouth was on its chest. It would grab pieces of jellyfish with the claw on its proboscis and put it in its mouth in its chest. Its eyes looked like bicycle handlebars; they went across the animal's back and protruded like stalks at each end.


John Weadon
Air Force 2nd Lieutenant East side

What does Earth Day meant to you? Devoting a day to doing things that hopefully become a habit to make the world a little better, heal a little of the damage.

Should we drill for oil in Alaska? Not if it's going to do severe damage. I suspect the extent of our dependence on foreign oil has been exaggerated and there's not a desperate need to drill in Alaska.

What have you done in the past year to promote environmental preservation? I carpool whenever possible.

What's your favorite extinct animal? These trilobites that were five to six feet long, like huge cockroaches.

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