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Most of us go through the pretense every New Year's of making resolutions that would improve our lots -- were we to follow through with them. It proves a lot easier, alas, to put up with our problems than it does to change our habits in a way to solve them. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but who's keeping track?


Ron Hamilton
Palmer H.S. teacher
West Side

What's your perennial New Year's resolution? I swear every year that I'm going to get outside more, exercise more and get into shape. This year I want to get into good enough shape to climb Pikes Peak. I've lived here all my life, but never done that. This is the year.

What's the strangest New Year's resolution you've made? In college one year, after a bunch of beers, I resolved one New Year's to ride my motorcycle to Canada. It's a good thing I didn't. It would never have made it.


Dennis Ackley
Remodeling manager

Is there any resolution you seem to make perennially? To be a stronger person and deal with people in a kinder, more respectful way. This year, I'll make it. I moved here from Seattle a year ago and find I'm able to be myself here more than there.

What's your all-time most successful resolution? To get more exercise. I bought a mountain bike, forced myself to use it, and I've done so ever since.

What's the oddest resolution you've ever heard of? People making resolutions they shouldn't have, like giving up beliefs they needed.


Brandy Wheeler
Sales clerk, psychic
Manitou Springs

What's your most interesting resolution this year? To go to Greece. My dad was in the military and I lived in Crete for a long time. I loved it there. I dream about it at least once a week.

What's your most successful-ever resolution? To lose 40 pounds.

What would you have done differently in the past year? I'd have traveled more. I let money and jobs get in the way.


Tony O'Brien
Computer programmer
West Side

What's your perennial resolution? I don't make resolutions. Everybody breaks them, anyway. This time of year is stressful enough. Why add to it?

What would you have done differently this past year? Have more fun. Also, I'm too polite, which allows people to manipulate me. There are times I needed to be a bit more blunt.

What's the strangest New Year's resolution you've heard of? A friend resolved to give up meat for a year, but just one year. He was scandalized by something he read about male calves getting castrated. He resumed eating meat on New Year's Day the following year.

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