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Local artists in Colorado Springs sometimes don't get the spotlight they so richly deserve in the community they live in, work in, play in and create in. Instead their work is heralded, their brilliance feted, elsewhere, while here in Colorado Springs their work is rarely discussed, hardly recognized and under-appreciated. Is it possible for the city to promote these talented artists a little better? Or has the social conservatism of our city hindered the passage of starving artists to successful artists, at least in the minds of the public?

Michael Weber
  • Michael Weber

Michael Weber
Fine Arts Center employee
Neighborhood: Northwest

Who is your favorite local artist? Right now, one of the artists that I like is Barbara Tellin. She does fantasy watercolors and oil paints.

What should the city do to promote the local art scene? There are a lot of things they could do. Art festivals, art shows that are really open to the public more. Some local places do put on local work, but it's very limited.

Do you think art should be promoted more in public schools? Yes. One of the things that we do here (Fine Arts Center) is children's art that we put on display. A lot of these artists that start young, the more they see the more they can learn and promote the art industry.

Eddie Brooks
  • Eddie Brooks

Eddie Brooks
Remodeling/ Art
Neighborhood: All over

Who is your favorite local artist? Well, Rockey, of course.

What should the city do to promote the local art scene? There was a time when there was another art gallery here -- Base Camp for the Arts -- that catered more to the average artist, the beginning artist and not the established artist. I think that is where the gap is at -- you have to be an "artist" to be able to show art in town here now. Art is a personal expression whether it's good or bad; it's something that they're trying to express.

Do you think art should be promoted more in public schools? Sure. I think it's really important. I think art is a good thing to have in education. Shows you there is more then just numbers and that type of stuff. Express the person rather then just what society wants the person to be.

Marie Hurlbutt
  • Marie Hurlbutt

Marie Hurlbutt
Neighborhood: East

Who is your favorite local artist? My favorite is Fred Darpino, because I went to college with him and I just kind of watched his stuff as he developed.

What should the city do to promote the local art scene? Just more advertising money, just getting it out there, but if you really are interested I think you can find it in the local papers as far as what's going on in town. I think the downtown sculpture thing is great, especially for tourism, because a lot of people are downtown.

What typifies Colorado Springs style art? I don't know. I've been told Colorado Springs is fairly conservative so we don't get into the contemporary field. I think it's mainstream and classical-style art, but there are people who branch out.

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