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IQ: Animal Farm



Be they furry, fluffy, scaly, or crawly, it would be quite lonely without our four-legged -- and more -- friends.


Steve Isenhour
Elementary school principal
Loveland, Colo.

Who's your all-time favorite animal television star? I say Lassie. She was always the perfect dog who was always the heroine, always doing the right things at the right times.

What's your best fish story? When we were in Estes Park. It was my son's first time fishing and he caught six huge trout. He says 10, but it was six.

What's the weirdest pet you've ever heard of? Probably a pet scorpion. I just don't see how you could show any affection to something like that. I think the whole purpose of a pet is for something to show affection to and have them show affection back.

What animal mascot would best represent Colorado Springs? Probably the eagle. I grew up in Pueblo and we used to come down here a couple times a year just to vacation, and I think the spirit of the eagle just represents the beauty and majesty of the town.


Cara Speckhals
Theater director

Who's your all-time favorite animal television star? Mr. Ed, because it's always funny to watch a horse eat peanut butter. That's how they made him talk -- they put peanut butter around his mouth so he would lick his lips and it would make him look like he was talking. A lot of people don't know that.

What's the weirdest pet you've ever heard of? Iguanas. My cousins have iguanas and they're always tearing up the furniture and everything. I don't know why you'd want a violent lizard as a pet.

What animal mascot do you think best represents the city? A squirrel, if you're talking about city hall. People are always being really squirrelly, hiding things and putting things in the wrong places, then forgetting where they put them.


Annie Meyer
Registered Nurse
Black Forest

What's your all-time favorite animal television star? Wilbur the pig. I really love the story Charlotte's Web, and I have a potbellied pig myself so I suppose I've always related to pigs.

What's your best fish story? One time, my husband told me he caught a fish that was about three 3 feet long and my friends later told me it was actually about 12 inches.

What's the weirdest pet you've ever heard of? A tarantula because they're so ugly -- and they're poisonous.

What animal best represents the city? The falcon, like at the Air Force Academy. It's a really beautiful bird. Colorado Springs is so known for it's military presence, and the Academy has really done a lot to promote the falcon and create an awareness about it.

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