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IQ: Afghanistan and anthrax



Afghanistan and anthrax are dominating the headlines, but we are starting to refocus equally on the news of our own back yards. The news of the past week has ranged from the famous monk parrots that were captured and turned over to the zoo to passionate disputes over whether cop killers in Cañon City got off too easily with life imprisonment. The economy continues going belly-up, but it sure was a great World Series.

Bryant Jones
  • Bryant Jones

Bryant Jones
Hood: Manitou Springs

What's your view on the utilities department capturing the Hillside parrots and turning them over to the zoo? Everyone was rooting for the parrots. What's the big problem [with them living in the wild]?

What do you think about the Cañon City DA who gave the cop-killing brothers life terms instead of seeking the death penalty? Pretend for a moment that you're on a jury who sentences someone to death. If the law required you to carry out the execution, would you still do it?

Should we bomb Afghanistan during Ramadan? Most religious observances center around love and forgiving your enemies. Bombing isn't compatible with that.

Does the recession make you fear for your job? My job is sporadic even in flush times. I'm always behind on rent. A recession won't change anything.

Bill Sulzman
  • Bill Sulzman

Bill Sulzman
Peace and justice advocate
Hood: Lowell

What about the DA in Cañon City who followed his conscience in not giving the death penalty to the cop-killing brothers? He used common sense. He saved the county a ton of money and avoided a high-profile trial.

Should we bomb Afghanistan during Ramadan? No. The war isn't going well and it's ill-considered to begin with. It will result in a legacy of anti-Americanism in that part of the world.

Does the recession put your job in jeopardy? I live on very little anyway. I'm a lot more worried that erosion of civil liberties, expanded government powers, increased secrecy and lack of openness will make it harder to do my work.

Did the right team win the World Series? I rooted hard for the Diamondbacks. The Yankees have been dominant for so long, and I'm a National League type of guy.

Dick Dilgrim
  • Dick Dilgrim

Dick Dilgrim
Retired airline worker
Hood: Manitou Springs

What's your view on the utility department's attempts to remove the Hillside parrots? I'm glad the parrots will be safe, but they were doing just fine where they were. Why can't they just let them be and let everyone enjoy them doing their thing?

Should we bomb Afghanistan during Ramadan? No. It's an important religious observance for the entire Islamic world. We'd win a lot of good will by not bombing during Ramadan.

Is the recession putting your job in jeopardy? I'm sure glad I'm retired.

Did the right team win the World Series? Oh God, yes. The Yankees have a sense of entitlement -- that they deserve to win. They're from New York, by God. They're the Yankees.

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