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Into the fire: Don Schley

The brave souls vying for a D-11 recall seat


  • Photo by Jon Kelley

Colorado Technical University professor Don Schley says that as board member he would work to reduce the "district bureaucracy," to open lines of communication between the board and school principals.

Schley volunteered for the unsuccessful 2005 school board campaign of Carla Albers, Bob Lathen and Reginald Perry, and spoke publicly in favor of firing former Superintendent Sharon Thomas.

A founding member of the Citizens Education Network, a "reform"-minded group that hosts local education debates, Schley says that the district is vital to the health of the community. He hopes to create more magnet schools within it.

"Saving D-11 is about saving older Colorado Springs from turning into a slum," he says.

Schley, who has been endorsed by Keep D11 Reform Alive, says that he is open to a voucher system in the district, but that it is not "politically viable" at this time.

"If the district bureaucracy is incapable of being reformed or downsized, then a voucher system would become necessary."

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