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Into the fire: Albert Gonzales

The brave souls vying for a D-11 recall seat


  • Photo by Jon Kelley

Retired Qwest contract manager Albert Gonzales says he hopes to improve minority graduation rates if elected to the D-11 board. His message in this race mirrors that of his 2003 campaign, when he ran unsuccessfully against Eric Christen, Sandy Shakes, Craig Cox and Willie Breazell.

A member of the American GI Forum for Hispanic Veterans and a board director of the charity group West Side Cares, Gonzales says he hopes to look at minority performance in the district, which he says hasn't improved in 25 years.

"The best way to involve change is to be a part of the process."

Gonzales volunteered for Tami Hasling's school board campaign in 2005 and was a member of the Alliance for Quality Public Schools, a local group that formed to promote public education in the wake of the 2003 election.

"I don't support vouchers, and one reason is that it is the law of the land," he says.

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