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InSider 2012

Welcome to this city — and this city guide


Pancake mix? Laundry detergent? High-fiber cereal?

I felt foolish asking. A little uncouth, even. I really did love the look of it, that box on the cover of this year's InSider ... but, umm ... what was it supposed to be?

As she's wont to do, the graphic designer explained it patiently.

"It's just a product," she said. "A big box of information. The idea is that it could be anything."

Ohhh, I get it. 'Cause you use this guide in whatever way works for you.

Actually, the same principle can be applied to the Pikes Peak region itself. Some people come because they see a mecca for outdoors-lovers, and that's all they need.

Some get sent here for work, maybe in the Army or Air Force, and they fall in love with how the Springs fuses military and urban life.

Others take a calculated approach, adding together a variety of factors — relatively low cost of living, easy access to cultural opportunities, an intelligent populace — before deciding it'd be a great place to raise a family.

At the Colorado Springs Independent, our charge is to make sense of all the happenings that constantly shift the look and feel of this place, and to deliver that information in a weekly newspaper. This InSider, our seventh annual manual to the region, is just an extension of that mission, one meant to hold up all year long. So where we've missed something in this publication, or left you somehow wanting, please let us know by commenting at csindy.com, or sending an e-mail to scene@csindy.com.

Otherwise, remember, this guide is anything you want it to be.

And if that sounds a little new-agey, well, we've got some of that here, too ...

— Kirk Woundy

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