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  • Sean Cayton

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Thanks for checking out the 2010 edition of InSider. We think you'll be glad you did, whether you're a third-generation Springsian or you're just dropping into town for a three-day weekend.

Every year, when all of us at the Colorado Springs Independent put this "annual manual" together — and it's been five years now — we learn loads of things we didn't know about this city. For instance, this time around we discovered exactly why it is that you can get good sushi here; how metal has endured in our local music scene; and where murals painted by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's first director still hang.

And get this — apparently, there's no money for trash cans in our parks! (Oh, wait, we may have heard that somewhere ...)

Anyway, here's how this publication's organized. In addition to the listings that run through the entire issue, each section includes a couple stories that highlight unique aspects of life in Colorado Springs. Each section also includes at least one collection of complementary "can't-miss events" scheduled for the months to come. And blue "Best of 2009" icons — or, occasionally, words printed in blue text — indicate entities that our readers or Indy staffers voted to the top of our annual Best Of Colorado Springs poll last October.

This publication is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the Springs has to offer; on the contrary, it's meant to help you weed through the attractions in a metropolitan area of more than 600,000 people, to find the offerings most worth your time, money and attention. If you feel we've overlooked some worthy places, please say so by posting a comment below one of the stories.

By the way, the theme around which we've loosely organized this year's InSider is "the arts of Colorado Springs," so a lot of our stories relate to that idea. The cover photo does, too: When not striking poses in Garden of the Gods, Katelin McGrath, Kim Davagian and Emily Ford perform with Ormao Dance Company.

It's worth noting that they managed to project such grace before 7 o'clock, outdoors, on a late winter morning. Which just goes to show that when you think you've seen it all around here, this fair city is sure to prove you wrong.

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