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Last week's presidential debate added an element of intrigue to a November election that's important to this area on every level: national, state and local.


Kevin Werner of Briargate is a software engineer

Rate your interest in the November election. I'm very interested in this election and in politics in general, but I don't care for the flame-throwing details.

Did you watch the Obama-Romney debate? We couldn't because we have small children at home.

How engaged are you in state and local issues? We always get together with friends to read the ballot issues and talk them through, but we haven't done it yet this time.

Relate your view on legalizing small amounts of marijuana. It's a good thing to regulate and hard to enforce if it's illegal. Some colleagues and I talked about it at work. We all hope it goes through. It'd be a positive step.

Do you support extending a tax for road projects and/or adding one for county law enforcement? I generally support things that improve local infrastructure. A lot depends on the ballot wording, though.


Allison Apeland of Holland Park is a middle school teacher

What's your level of interest in the November election? Off the charts. There's somebody I don't want to be re-elected.

Share your thoughts on last week's debate. Obama wasn't prepared. He came without part of his brain. Romney did a fantastic job and didn't engage in petty fights.

What's your position on partial legalization of marijuana? It would be better for our country and for our kids. Legalizing it will reduce its fascination for many people.

Predict its chance of passing. Fifty-fifty.


Sherry Johnson of Black Forest is a college student

What are your thoughts on last week's debate? Romney finally said something to let me know where he stands. He put to rest a lot of things in the negative ads I've been seeing. I'm surprised Obama didn't do better because he's a fantastic speaker.

What's your level of interest in state and local issues this time around? Not much at the moment, because my husband and I are relocating from Alaska. We'll be more engaged when we're fully settled here.

Do you favor extending a tax for road projects and/or adding one for law enforcement? Yes for law enforcement, no for roads. Cops aren't paid enough, and the roads seem in pretty good shape.

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