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Union Station's Locals Rule! concert series opens a door


Dont expect any Matchbox Twenty covers when - Sanguine Addiction takes the stage for its Locals Rule! - show.
  • Dont expect any Matchbox Twenty covers when Sanguine Addiction takes the stage for its Locals Rule! show.

Randy Kotterer loves local bands. As manager of George's Union Station, he has the pleasure of working with some of the most talented and hardworking young musicians this side of the Mississippi.

"I'd put our bands up against anyone in Denver," he says.

The musicianship is here, and with enough community support, the next 13 weeks of concerts might achieve the ultimate goal: to get these bands the hell out of town.

On May 31, Union Station will kick off 13 consecutive Thursdays of homegrown music in its second annual Locals Rule! concert series. The series is meant to promote the best bands that are unlikely to fill a show with covers of Counting Crows and Jimmy Buffett hits.

"We sat down and picked the best and hardest-working bands in town," Kotterer says. "It was hard to pick the 'Elite 13,' but I honestly think we got the best."

The Elite 13 consists of: Author, Habitual, Elision, Recondite, Stones Throw, Alabaster Morgue, Wasting Yesterday, The Hayman Fire, Step To Every Pit, AnaDies, -itis, Sanguine Addiction and Sixty 8.

Each band will get its own Thursday, and has the task of bringing two new bands as openers. "We want to bring up the younger guys where we can," Kotterer says.

The shows will be recorded for a compilation DVD, which KILO 94.3 FM and Union Station will send to 132 record labels for consideration. "No record label cares if you send them demos," Kotterer says. "The DVD will capture their appeal."

But this is not a competition, Kotterer stresses. The bands need to bring each other up, not get into any rivalries or catfights. If they work together to build a community, then maybe, just maybe, they can get away from what they built.

Locals Rule! Nights

George's Union Station,

2419 N. Union Blvd.

13 consecutive Thursdays, 8 p.m., beginning May 31

Call 227-7168 or visit for more.

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