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i-Cool Thai Ice Cream is pure trendy indulgence


  • Griffin Swartzell
Thai ice cream, also called I-Tim-Pad or rolled ice cream, is the new hotness in cold treats. Like espresso or cotton candy, it only exists because of the machinery used to make it: the anti-griddle. The ice-cream maker pours a liquid ice cream base onto the anti-griddle, then chops in flavorings with a pair of steel spatulas that look like putty knives. The mixture’s spread thin so it can freeze before it’s scraped up in rolls, stuffed into a cup and topped.
Location Details i-Cool Thai Ice Cream
6820 N. Academy Blvd.
Academy (North)
Colorado Springs, CO
Ice cream parlors
At i-Cool Thai Ice Cream, we try a small i-Cool Special ($6.25), which gets avocado and blueberries chopped into the ice cream base. Feeling fruity, we top it with sweet red beans, mango and more blueberries, garnishing with Pocky sticks. These toppings come gratis, so considering this product’s high base-price point, we go nuts. It’s a fresh, fruity combo, and the ice cream’s pleasantly mild in flavor, tasting mostly of blueberries and cream. The avocado adds richness, not flavor, giving the ice cream a buttery texture that’s pure indulgence.

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