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Fast or slow, loud or soft, in groups or solo, there's music for just about every interest, expression and emotion. Is it just for enjoyment, or can music help us heal, make us smarter, and even bring us peace?

Garrett Girouard

Keith Evans of the west side is in customer service

Would you categorize listening to music as an experience? Yes, all music is an experience. Whether you like it or not, it all causes emotion.

Have you ever gotten "lost" in music? Yes. Bluegrass can do that and so can jazz. And even without words, music tells a story.

How important is music in your life? Without music there is no life; everything is music.

What's the biggest benefit you get from it? Peace. All music brings me peace.

How do you find out about new music? Are you interested? Oh, yeah, I listen to it all. A friend recently turned me on to a band named Dredg. And there's a German group called Rammstein I listen to sometimes.

Garrett Girouard

Garrett Girouard from downtown is an educator

How important is music to you? It's pretty important. I listen to music every day.

To the radio or CDs? Both.

Have you heard very much about the healing properties of music? Not much, but I'd be interested. I don't think it's impossible that music could help heal.

What kind of benefits do you get from music? I think it can shape my mood, and it helps me enjoy my work.

Have you ever gotten "lost" in music? No, I don't think so, but it has helped me relive some experiences because it brings back memories.

Jill Tobin

Jill Tobin of Fountain is a stay-at-home mom

Is music important in your life? Yes, definitely. I listen to music daily, for hours. It helps the soul and makes my day.

Do you have a favorite style of music? I grew up in Louisiana, so I'm partial to that, but I listen to everybody.

Have you ever heard of music being therapeutic? Yes. I was in physical therapy and was told that music and the body are closely connected. I believe that it really helps.

Would you say you've ever gotten "lost" listening to music? Yes, honestly, I was listening to a song by Aaron Neville and Celine Dion and I really got into it. I kind of jumped when the song was over.

How interested are you in new music? Well, I get to hear it because my kids are into it, the newer and alternative music.

What benefits do you get from listening to music? Total peace.

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