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How do you really feel about V-Day?

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Some see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for romance, flowers and cards. Others write it off as a commerce-driven occasion for lavish expenditure. Who’s right?

Katie Arcila
  • Katie Arcila

Katie Arcila of the west side is an art teacher.

How do you really feel about Valentine's Day? When I was single, I celebrated Singles Awareness Day instead. I feel differently now that I'm married. Now I have someone to love.

What's your sexiest-ever V-Day gift? Things for the bedroom — feathers, treats for the body, that kind of thing.

Relate your happiest V-Day memory. Vacationing with my husband before we were married in a place with no clocks, no cell phones, no TV, no distractions.

How much does a typical Valentine's Day date set you back? $150, maybe $200, depending on where we go for dinner and how many drinks we have.

Deborah Schutz
  • Deborah Schutz

Deborah Schutz of the west side is a nurse.

What are your truest innermost feelings toward Valentine's Day? It's totally manufactured. There's nothing wrong, though, with celebrating someone you love.

If the day had a gender, would it be male or female? Female. They're the recipients of the attention and chocolates.

Relate a V-Day memory that makes you smile. Way back in high school, getting a secret-admirer carnation.

How much does a Valentine's Day date generally set you back? Nothing. I prefer staying home and making a nice dinner together.

What are your V-Day expectations this Sunday? I'm hoping for a card.

Sarah White
  • Sarah White

Sarah White of downtown is a school registrar.

Tell us how you really feel about Valentine's Day. I used to think it was just another excuse for money-making. I'm in love again now, though. My appreciation for the day has rekindled.

Is V-Day more a male or female thing? I used to think of it as more a female thing, but now I see it as a chance to appreciate love in whatever capacity.

What song best captures your sense of the day? David Bowie's version of "Wild Is the Wind." It pulls you in and makes it feel like you're falling terribly in love.

What's your sexiest-ever V-Day gift? Last year my boyfriend gave me some really good Mountain Mama's chocolates and decorated them to look like a bomb. A message came with it saying, "You're the bomb."

Any hot V-Day plans this year? A hot springs trip with my loved one, a hotel room, and a case of really good Colorado beer.

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