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Holiday gifts for the tune obsessed




Yes, it's that time again, the joyful season when you get to frantically search for meaningful presents before settling upon an assortment of generic gift cards. And then there are those hard-to-please music fanatics on your holiday gift list. Is it even possible to find them something that they don't already have, and might actually want?

That's where we come in. While deejay Deadmau5's extremely limited-edition headphones for cats quickly sold out, the following music-themed gifts will still say "I care" in a way that no iTunes gift card ever could.

Just don't forget the return receipts.

Dental freaks: Who doesn't love a battery-operated toothbrush that make "music in your mouth" by vibrating your jawbone with a two-minute pop tune while encouraging good dental hygiene? Search "Tooth Tunes" on Amazon, and you can choose from a variety of musical spin-brushes: There's Queen's "We Will Rock You" and the Village People's "YMCA," as well as the Black Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feeling" and Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are." And, for that special person who dances like a drunken uncle at your cousin's wedding, PSY's "Gangnam Style" toothbrush is a must.


Guitar geeks: The voluminous Play It Loud: An Epic History of the Style, Sound, and Revolution of the Electric Guitar is an engaging cultural and technological history of the rock world's most revolutionary accessory. Authors Alan di Perna and Brad Tolinski are both long-time Guitar World editors who share an insider's perspective and storytelling skills that will keep even the most casual music fan turning its 400 pages.

KISS caskets: Rock 'n' roll may never die, but all of your metal-head friends surely will. Why not send them off in style with an Official KISS™ Premium Casket, the very same kind that Pantera's Dimebag Darrell is buried in? Well, there IS that daunting $5,000-plus price tag and, at the moment, sketchy availability. The caskets are no longer featured on the band's official merch site, though they still pop up on eBay and some online sites that may or may not be rip-offs. Those hand-painted KISS Mini Coffin Boxes on Etsy are probably a better way to go.


Insomnia cure: Sleep is an album by contemporary-classical composer Max Richter that clocks in at just under 81/2 hours. Richter consulted with famed neuroscientist and PBS host David Eagleman to match the music to our sleep cycles. The German-born composer is best known for scoring the television series Black Mirror and The Leftovers, as well as a few dozen feature films. The music is a mesmerizing mix of influences that include Brian Eno, Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass, and will typically put you to sleep within 20 minutes. What the rest of the album sounds like is anyone's guess.


Miley merch: Available from the Dead Petz section of Miley's official online store, the "Miley Cyrus Sprinkles Backpack with Bonus Floyd Hood" are the perfect accoutrements for your next three-day rave or ironic hipster party. They were recently described by music writer Collin Estes as "a wolf's-head hat that turns you into a psych-pop barbarian, along with a child's backpack featuring Miley Cyrus smeared with frosting and sprinkles" — and we couldn't agree more! They also pair well with your Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" toothbrush.

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