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Sixty seconds with Cody Hanson



Indy: Your first album, Extreme Behavior, sold more than 3 million copies. What was it like to face the task of trying to live up to that in making Take it to the Limit?

AW: You always hear the term "sophomore jinx" or whatever. You know, it's scary, coming back in with such success as Extreme Behavior had, but we didn't really feel any pressure as far as the writing goes. And we definitely delivered the best record we could.

Indy: How much encouragement were you getting from the record company and others to write another ballad along the lines of your big hit from the first CD, "Lips of an Angel"?

CH: We just kind of write what comes out. We didn't really care about doing anything that's like "Lips of an Angel." Of course, we'd like to have a song that's as successful, but yeah, we definitely weren't trying to make anything sound like that.

Indy: Was the label pushing for any certain style of album during the recording of Take it to the Limit?

CH: There was a lot less pressure from the label [as compared to that for Extreme Behavior]. We didn't have our label rep breathing down our neck the whole time. We actually saw him once during the whole process, for about 30 minutes. So we weren't as nervous as well. We were a little more confident, and we knew we had the songs going in, too, and that always helps.

Indy: After Extreme Behavior, you had to headline shows with just one album out. What's it like now to tour?

CH: To only have one album and have to go out and fill up an hour-and-15-minute set is a little bit difficult. We're really excited to play some new material and get it out there for the fans.

Alan Sculley

At Denver's Ogden Theatre, Feb. 8.

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