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Sixty Seconds with Jared Gomes



Indy: Congrats on the new live DVD/CD The D.i.Y. Guys (due out July 8), which you've touted as being a truly organic release. What does that mean?

JG: I'm not in a position to compare live albums at all, because I can't even think of a person's live album right now and I don't even listen to contemporary music. But I just know from being kind of an industry insider, there's the tendency to go in on a so-called live album and re-record everything. I know it's done, and we didn't do that. That's just one little side comment or whatever.

Indy: You've been busy of late. We also see a new studio album, New World Orphans, is due out in September.

JG: I'm really excited. It's a concept album, and it's like an hour's worth of music. The album is heavier, and I think it's a little bit more serious than the last one (2007's Insomnia). It's got depth.

Indy: Hmm, heavy and deep. Think it's safe to say that (Hed) p.e. will never be a mainstream success band?

JG: I'm concerned with obviously making a living off of music, because that's my love and my passion, but (Hed) p.e. isn't concerned with making truckloads of money or appealing to tons of people. We don't mind getting our message out to as many people as possible, but at this point in the game, there's no compromising on anything for us. We're not meant to be mass-produced. It's like we're not engineered that way, not that I know what that way is.

At the Black Sheep, Saturday, June 28.

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