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Heather Trost draws from diverse inspirations


Heather Trost, Agistri
  • Heather Trost, Agistri
There’s a cinematic sweep to the song cycle that is Heather Trost’s Agistri. Drawing from wildly diverse stylistic inspirations, this collection of eight Trost originals is at once more interesting and accessible than her work with Neutral Milk Hotel. A deeply reverberated ambiance that recalls Beach House serves as the album’s guiding touchstone, and the arrangements bring to mind both French chanson and the kind of ‘60s pop that might show up in a European film of that era. Trost uses vintage keyboards to good effect, creating a soundscape that recalls the past without overtly seeking to recreate it. Often as not, her vocals are just one of many sonic elements in the mix. But what could end up as a clattering mess somehow works as a unified whole. Extra credit for her rendition of Harry Nilsson’s “Me and My Arrow.”
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