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A guide for giving to local arts organizations.



Arts organizations couldn't possibly be facing tougher times. With national, state and local funding all but nonexistent, and an economy in a free-floating recession, public and private monies for the arts have taken the proverbial back seat to the more basic needs like groceries, and, of course, war. Whether you've got some excess office supplies in your closet or want to be the personal savior for an arts organization, here's a list of several of the many local not-for-profit arts organizations that could use your help as they try to stay afloat, and even thrive, despite the odds.

-- Noel Black

Amateur Pianists International

What it is/mission statement: Nonprofit organization founded to advance the experience and opportunity for serious international amateur pianists, and to promote the piano, performance and repertoire locally.

Fund-raising goals: $10,000 for the Celebration of the Amateur Pianist, and to continue recitals, master classes, workshops.

Non-monetary needs: Piano lending, tuning and moving.

Volunteer opportunities: All variety of help with Celebration of the Amateur Pianist.

Contact: Chuck Cabell, 592-0472, .

America the Beautiful Barbershop Chorus

Contact: Charlie Snyder, 576-9153, .

American Numismatic Association Money Museum

What it is/mission statement: An educational organization chartered by Congress to promote the study and collection of coins, paper money, tokens and medals for research, interpretation and preservation of history and culture from ancient times to the present.

Fund-raising goals: $75,000 for educational programs.

Volunteer opportunities: Docents.

Contact: Stephen Bobbitt, public relations director, 632-2646, 818 N. Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903,

Black Rose Acoustic Society

What it is/mission statement: The Black Rose Acoustic Society is dedicated to education, enjoyment, performance and preservation of all types of traditional acoustic music in the Pikes Peak region.

Fund-raising goals: No specific amount, but always seeking donations for music-education scholarships, music workshops, concerts, events and advertising.

Non-monetary needs: Professional sound and lighting equipment. Office supplies such as printer paper, folders, etc.

Volunteer opportunities: Newsletter, Web site, concert and event management, setup/cleanup, office assistance, publicity assistance, music education.

Contact: Jim MacWilliams, president, 578-0254, 2577 N. Chelton Road, Colorado Springs, 80909, .

Bowers Multicultural Dance Inc.

What it is/mission statement: To steer children away from negative influence, to encourage harmony between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds while providing the opportunity to participate in activities that focus on the performing arts of various cultures.

Fund-raising goals: As much as possible for costuming and for shows.

Non-monetary needs: Stereo system with microphones, office supplies.

Volunteer opportunities: People to help teach ethnic dance classes.

Contact: Iva Bowers, 635-0463, 607 Bryce Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80910.

Business of Art Center

What it is/mission statement: An arts center in Manitou Springs that helps artists develop their art as a career and serves as gallery space, studio space and a "business incubator" for artists and arts groups.

Fund-raising goals: $30,000 for operations and shows.

Volunteer opportunities: Gallery attendants, hanging art, administration and much more.

Contact: Dan Wecks, executive director, 685-1861, 513 Manitou Ave., Manitou, CO 80829, .

Chamber Orchestra of the Springs

What it is/mission statement: Semi-professional orchestra producing high-quality, low-cost concert series every year plus one or two other musical events.

Fund-raising goals: $35,000 to produce Amahl and the Night Visitors, an opera that involves a lot of children.

Non-monetary needs: Instruments, a set of three or four timpani, donations to music library, photocopier, office space.

Volunteer opportunities: Ushers for concerts, setup and tear down, ticket takers, people to put up posters and make phone calls, input and leadership from business and community leaders, fund-raisers.

Contact: Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, 633-3649, P.O. Box 7911, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7911.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

What it is/mission statement: Nonprofit, 76-year-old zoo founded by Spencer Penrose and deeded to the citizens of Colorado Springs in 1938. One of five accredited zoos in the nation that gets no tax support. Provides a crucial link between man and nature in a complex and changing world.

Fund-raising goals: Any gifts or grants appreciated.

Non-monetary needs: Kennel carriers for animals, large rubber play toys for big cats; please contact for more.

Volunteer opportunities: Hundreds of opportunities in animal department, horticulture and grounds department, administration, etc.

Contact: Front desk, 633-9925 ext.111 or development director Patty Cameron at ext.110, , 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

Colorado Springs Art Guild

What it is/mission statement: CSAG is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of fine art through ongoing education and recognition to artists of all abilities.

Contact: Eve Buchanan, 630-1611, P.O. Box 1304, Colorado Springs, CO 80901,

Colorado Springs Children's Chorale

What it is/mission statement: A civic children's choir that has grown from one choir of 30 children to five choirs of 200 children from all over the Pikes Peak region.

Contact: Marcia Hendricks, 633-3562, P.O. Box 7841, Colorado Springs, CO 80933,

Colorado Springs Chorale

What it is/mission statement: To serve the Pikes Peak region by celebrating the human voice in song and its power to rejoice, console, mourn, educate, enrich, unite and inspire.

Fund-raising goals: $48,000 (to reach its total yearly budget of $225,000).

Non-monetary needs: High-quality rehearsal piano (upright or grand); electric keyboard for touring performances of our small group MOSAIC; large harpsichord for Baroque performances; electric continuo organ for Baroque/Classical performances; large electric organ for installation at Pikes Peak Center; new (not used) computer.

Volunteer opportunities: Administrative support.

Contact: Mark Dempsey, Colorado Springs Chorale, 634-3737,, 16 E. Platte, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

Colorado Springs Conservatory

What it is/mission statement: The Conservatory offers the artistic coaching, classroom instruction, rigorous technical training and teaching essential to develop comprehensive musicianship. In addition, the Conservatory seeks to educate its students within the widest possible human and artistic context to become leaders of cultural life within their community and society.

Fund-raising goals: Currently raising $35,000 in monies/ sponsorships in conjunction with the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs for a free, touring production of the Menotti Christmas Opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors. Always accepting donations for scholarships and programs.

Non-monetary needs: Office supplies, teaching supplies, food donations for the students during intense rehearsal processes, instruments, costuming, music, musical equipment, entertaining party items and necessities, printing, furniture, office furniture.

Volunteer opportunities: Performance assistance, front desk administrative assistance, mentoring, docents, public relations.

Contact: Linda Weise, director, or Shantell Autry, development coordinator, , 577-4556, 1430 N. Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903,

Colorado Springs Dance Theatre

What it is/mission statement: To promote and support the art of dance for all ages and races in the Pikes Peak region by presenting world-renowned, professional dance companies in concert as well as providing related educational outreach programs.

Fund-raising goals: $5,000 to allow all El Paso County schools to attend school performances by three professional dance companies at the Pikes Peak Center.

Non-monetary needs: Office supplies such as a copier, paper and printing ink.

Volunteer opportunities: Administration and mailings.

Contact: John McLaughlin, executive director, 630-7434, , 7 E. Bijou St. #209 Colorado Springs, CO 80903,

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

What it is/mission statement: One of the most unique arts centers in Colorado, made up of the museum, performing arts theater, and school of art, the FAC serves as a community catalyst to celebrate and promote the arts with its unique heritage and multidisciplinary focus.

Fund-raising goals: The total annual fund-raising goal is $828,000 for operations, shows and special events.

Non-monetary needs: Furniture, technological equipment for A/V and theater needs, costumes and props.

Volunteer opportunities: Docents, theater help, event planning, mailing projects, visitors' services and many other things.

Contact: CEO Michael De Marsche, Ph.D., or Carol Carlson, director of development, 634-5581, 30 W. Dale St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, .

Colorado Springs Philharmonic

What it is/mission statement: Professional orchestra that provides southern Colorado with world-class orchestral performance.

Fund-raising goals: $$650,000 to be raised or pledged by Oct. 31, which will be matched by $325,000 from local foundations.

Non-monetary needs: Office equipment, office space, music library, percussion instruments, contra-bassoons, music stands, printing services.

Volunteer opportunities: Office support, mailing, filing, party organizers, fund-raisers, docents to educate school children.

Contact: Susan Greene, 540-6456, , . Checks should be made to CS Philharmonic/Pikes Peak Community Foundation and sent to P.O. Box 60730, Colorado Springs, CO 80960.

Colorado Springs Youth Symphony

What it is/mission statement: A regional symphony for young musicians that, among other things, seeks to enable students to experience the elements of a professional environment including competition, responsibility and concert hall performances while building leadership and teamwork skills.

Contact: Mary Cathryn Haller, 633-3901, P.O. Box 7846, Colorado Springs, CO 80933, .

Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble

Contact: Deborah Teske, 577-4192, , P.O. Box 1993, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.

The Da Vinci Quartet

What it is/mission statement: The Da Vinci Quartet is dedicated to cultivate an appreciation of chamber music by performing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds through concerts, nationwide touring, community outreach, education programs and university residencies.

Fund-raising goals: To raise 50 percent of the Da Vinci Quartet's operating budget (approx. $50,000) through individual donations, grants and special events.

Non-monetary needs: Computers and other office equipment; occasional professional services (e.g., financial audits); travel benefits (e.g., airfare, ground transportation and lodging).

Volunteer opportunities: Financial advice, fund-raising, grant writing, administration, board and committee members.

Contact: Ms. Beth Neva, president/membership, 303/393-1355 or 303/871-6964,

beth.neva@world , Lamont School of Music University of Denver, 2344 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO 80208.

First Strike Theatre

What it is/mission statement: An Arts for Peace project of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission (which has its own mission statement), First Strike entertains and incites, educates and invites for social justice and nonviolence.

Fund-raising goals: Undetermined.

Non-monetary needs: Laptop computer.

Volunteer opportunities: Dancers, singers, actors, ushers, cookie bakers, computer fixers and people to spread the word.

Contact: Mary Sprunger-Froese 471-3405, , 919 Sahwatch St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, .


What it is/mission statement: Providing at-risk youth with the transformational power of the creative process in the context of commitment, exploration, self-expression and community.

Fund-raising goals: $45,000

Non-monetary needs: Art supplies, transportation (i.e., van), food for workshops, new computer.

Volunteer opportunities: Artist assistants, administrative support, special events volunteers.

Contact: Wendy Mike, 475-1515, , 1826 N. Prospect St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907, .

Gallery of Contemporary Art at UCCS

What it is/mission statement: A forum for contemporary art and artists regionally, nationally and internationally.

Fund-raising goals: $50,000 per year for programs and shows.

Non-monetary needs: Office supplies, hardware, software, art supplies, paper.

Volunteer opportunities: Office and gallery assistance.

Contact: Gerry Riggs, director, 262-3567, , P.O. Box 7150, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150.

The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (TIE)

What it is/mission statement: The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (TIE) exists to illuminate experimental film of the highest caliber, as well as join, recognize and serve filmmakers that are dedicated to the art and experimentation of the celluloid motion picture film. Based in Colorado's Pikes Peak region, TIE provides the community with programs that celebrate avant-garde film.

Fund-raising goals: $2,350 of $5,000 to afford a limited number of vouchers for area hearing impaired, low/no-income visual artists and youth to attend the three-day International Experimental Cinema Exposition in November 2003.

Non-monetary needs: PC, external hard drive, laptop, office space, watercolors, markers, paints, 16 mm film leader, old 16 mm footage, school/travel films, film stock, 16 mm xenon projector.

Volunteer opportunities: Development and outreach.

Contact: Christopher May, director, 277-6657,

tie@experimentalcine , 2 N. Cascade, Suite 1100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.


What it is/mission statement: Radio station that provides classical, jazz and community arts programming to central and southern Colorado.

Fund-raising goals: $160,000.

Non-monetary needs: A Web streaming host in exchange for on-air recognition.

Volunteer opportunities: Administration, mailings, people to help collate workbooks for Kids of Note program.

Contact: Jeanna Wearing, general manager, 578-5263, 1921 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907, , 88.7 FM.


What it is/mission statement: Radio station KRCC is operated by Colorado College as an extension of its activities in higher education and public service. The college charges KRCC to offer programming that reflects, to its campus and community audiences, the college's commitment to the liberal arts and concern for a diversity of ideas and people.

Fund-raising goals: $270,000 in listener contributions, $207,000 in business underwriting.

Volunteer opportunities: Qualified volunteers are trained to host on-air shows; applications are available at the station office.

Contact: Mario Valdes, station manager, 473-4801, , 912 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, , 91.5 FM.

Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration

What it is/mission statement: One of six national John F. Kennedy Center sites, its mission is to keep arts education alive in the schools and throughout the community.

Fund-raising goals: $15,000 for upcoming theater season.

Non-monetary needs: Refrigerator and vacuum cleaner for Celebration Place, paper (all different colors), office supplies, art supplies, computer and small copier.

Volunteer opportunities: Help with New Year's Eve auction, office work, hosts at theater performances, fund-raisers.

Contact: Mary Mashburn or Beth Fox-Kret, 597-3344, 1515 N. Academy Blvd., Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, www.imagina

Heller Center for Arts and Humanities at UCCS

What it is/mission statement: Former estate of artists Larry Heller and his wife Dot, which engages in educational, research and creative activities through the fields of the humanities and fine arts.

Fund-raising goals: $250,000 for restoration of 1936 adobe buildings for public use. Additional funds will be used to sponsor artist-in-residence and scholar-in-residence programs, lectures and classes.

Non-monetary needs: Electrical work, plumbing, pea gravel, native landscaping, furniture (sofas), potter equipment, film equipment, full-sized four-wheel-drive pickup, office equipment, art supplies.

Volunteer opportunities: Many.

Contact: Perrin James Cunningham, director, 262-3964, , The Heller Center for Arts and Humanities, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1150 Eagle Rock Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

The Manitou Art Theater

What it is/mission statement: To produce and create original theater pieces for adults and children in the Pikes Peak region.

Fund-raising goals: $20,000 for touring, lights, stage equipment and shows.

Non-monetary needs: Stage and lighting equipment.

Volunteer opportunities: Ticket takers, ushers, fund-raisers, administration.

Contact: Jim Jackson, 685-4729, c/o The BAC, 513 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, CO 80829, .

Olde Towne Productions: A Stage In Time

What it is/mission statement: Olde Towne Productions: A Stage In Time brings to life the history of the American West, priding itself on accuracy and bringing their programs to schools.

Contact: Jackie Matz, 687-6955, contact@ P.O. Box 342, Divide, CO 80814, www.oldetowneproduction

Opera Theatre of the Rockies

What it is/mission statement: Local opera company that seeks to "promote, educate and plant the seed of acceptance of opera and the vocal arts by bringing entertaining productions to the community, schools and other organizations."

Fund-raising goals: $90,000

Non-monetary needs: Office supplies, storage space.

Volunteer opportunities: Everything from productions to office work.

Contact: Martile Rowland, artistic director, 570-1950, P.O. Box 49068, Colorado Springs, CO 80949.

Performing Arts for Youth Organization

What it is/mission statement: Provides a variety of high-quality, multicultural arts and education programs in the areas of music, storytelling, dance, magic and drama for children in all public, private and independent schools and community and youth centers in the Pikes Peak region.

Fund-raising goals: $15,000 - $20,000 for school programs.

Non-monetary needs: Office space, office furniture, fax machine.

Volunteer opportunities: Fund-raising, mailings, general office help.

Contact: Kris Jasperse, 634-4300, , P.O. Box 2535, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2535.

Pikes Peak Arts Council

What it is/mission statement: To promote, stimulate and foster the growth of the arts and humanities and to aid, encourage, advise and correlate all activities in the promotion of arts and humanities.

Contact: Eve Tilley, 475-2465, , P.O. Box 1073, Colorado Springs, CO 80901.

Pikes Peak Blues Community

What it is/mission statement: The Pikes Peak Blues Community exists to enhance the vitality of blues and American roots music by supporting live performance and education.

Contact: Amy Javaherian, 685-1861,, c/o The BAC, 515 Manitou Ave. Suite 240A, Manitou Springs, CO 80829.

Pikes Peak Community College Masquers

What it is/mission statement: Theater group that serves the community.

Fund-raising goals: $14,000 - $20,000

Non-monetary needs: Storage, vehicle, lighting, sound system.

Volunteer opportunities: Costuming, production help.

Contact: Michael Stansbery, artistic director, 540-7424, , 5675 S. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

Pikes Peak Jazz and Swing Society

What it is/mission statement: Presents special events, scholarships, mentorship programs and concerts designed to promote the art of jazz.

Contact: Lenny Mazel, 632-8719, , P.O. Box 6802, Colorado Springs, CO 80934.

Pikes Peak Lavender Film Festival

What it is/mission statement: Annual festival that brings international, quality lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender films to Colorado Springs.

Fund-raising goals: $25,000 for 2004 festival.

Non-monetary needs: Frequent flier miles, office supplies, high lumens video projector.

Volunteer opportunities: Graphic designers, computer savvy folks, public relations people, phone trafficking.

Contact: Alma Cremonesi, , P.O. Box 1987, Colorado Springs, CO 80901, .

Pioneers Museum

What it is/mission statement: To collect, preserve, research and interpret the history and culture of the Pikes Peak region.

Fund-raising goals: $100,000 for matching funds for restoration and repairs to the exterior of the 1903 El Paso County Courthouse.

Non-monetary needs: Reference materials and books on antiques and collectibles.

Volunteer opportunities: Adults to serve as docents (volunteer educator), Museum Store assistants, administrative/program assistants, oral history project in archives.

Contact: Matt Mayberry, director, or Carol Kennis, public programs coordinator, 385-5990, , 215 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, . or

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

What it is/mission statement: The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating the drive, spirit and diversity of women. Founded in 1988 by a small group of dedicated women, the RMWFF is one of the oldest festivals profiling works by and about women.

Fund-raising goals: $90,000 for budget.

Non-monetary needs: Not at the time.

Volunteer opportunities: Contact Linda Broker.

Contact: Linda Broker, festival director, 226-0450, .

Star Bar Players

What it is/mission statement: Colorado Springs' oldest theater company, in its 33rd season this year, was founded as a community theater and still incorporates the purest ideals of true community theater. Our aim is to provide theater opportunities for people in the community and to provide the community with quality theater. Our longevity attests to the fact that we have succeeded and will continue to thrive.

Fund-raising goals: Unspecified, but seeking donations and grant money to supplement ticket sales.

Non-monetary needs: Costuming, props and materials for sets, new theater space.

Contact: Lon Chaney Theater, 573-7411, 221 E. Kiowa, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

TheatreWorks at UCCS

What it is/mission statement: TheaterWorks is dedicated to creating challenging and innovative productions of classic and contemporary theater.

Fund-raising goals: $500,000 for the completion of the new Bon Vivant Theater.

Non-monetary needs: Costume shop, scene shop (props), additional set and lighting equipment, additional seating for the Bon Vivant Theater and the Osborne Studio, truck for moving equipment between buildings and to rural outreach sites.

Volunteer opportunities: Assistance in the box office, ushers at performances, costumes, props, sets and lighting help.

Contact: Amanda Mountain, sales and marketing director, 262-3114, P.O. Box 7150, Colorado Springs, CO 80933, .

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts

What it is/mission statement: Creating community partnerships for demonstrating, teaching, exhibiting and promoting the arts.

Fund-raising goals: $25,000.

Non-monetary needs: Living room furniture, computer, building supplies: windows, lighting, heating supplies.

Volunteer opportunities: People to remodel classrooms and replace light fixtures and windows people to do events and programs.

Contact: Sandy Kinchen, board president, 719/481-0475, P.O. Box 1154, Palmer Lake, CO 80133, .

Young Concert Artists

What it is/mission statement: A program specifically designed to help young musicians develop advanced performance skills. We select only 55 young musicians each year to participate in the program. These students perform major symphonies by such composers as Beethoven, Hayden, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, and well as many others. They also perform ensembles and we are able to feature many soloists throughout the season. Coaches from the Colorado Springs Symphony work closely with our young musicians in preparation for each concert.

Contact: Michael Hanson, 633-2794, P.O. Box 63356 , Colorado Springs, CO 80962,

Ute Pass Cultural Center

Contact: Debbie Pinello, 687-5284, , P.O. Box 9007, Woodland Park, CO 80866.

Velvet Hills Chorus/Sweet Adelines

What it is/mission statement: 100-member barbershop harmony chorus.

Contact: Kathy Carmody, 630-2525, P.O. Box 7448, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7448,

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