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Head west, young marijuana seekers

Long Story Short



Pretty much every dispensary employee with whom we spoke for this week's marijuana coverage, starting here, sounded tired as hell. Most have been doing all kinds of random tasks, like acting as construction workers to help renovate waiting rooms into retail space, and all have gone through paperwork purgatory just to get licensed by state and local governments in time to be open for recreational sales this week.

"I'm exhausted," says Ryan Garvey, budtender at the Denver Kush Club. "We've gotten about 20 phone calls today basically just saying, 'Hey, I'm driving from Kentucky: All I need is an ID right now?' And yep, that's true. We've gotten at least 20 phone calls and we just opened our doors two hours ago."

And despite the fact that Colorado Springs doesn't want to play nice with others in the recreational realm, its remaining medical-marijuana industry has proved a boon of a different sort, with families moving from across the nation in search of cannabis-derived help for major health problems.

Still, it's a little bit of a letdown to be left out of the frenzy, especially considering the majority of the city's support for Amendment 64. I guess, as usual, we'll cede the spotlight to the capital, because that's where the majority of people are headed either way.

"And most of them are literally en route to come here right now," says Garvey, "so Denver businesses, hotels, restaurants, all that stuff should be gearing up as well."

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