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Low: Quietly intense, to be sure. But please don't call them slowcore.
  • Low: Quietly intense, to be sure. But please don't call them slowcore.

Pueblo-based Americana quartet the Haunted Windchimes have achieved a highly esteemed status in the southern Colorado music scene, to the point where it now seems eerily prescient that the Indy ran a cover story on the band back in 2008.

In the days since, bands who adopt the stylings of pioneering blues and roots artists such as Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and Dr. Ralph Stanley are nothing unusual. But the Windchimes did it early and did it well, all the while earning the admiration of fans and the music press, compiling a strong collection of recorded material, and keeping up with a robust touring schedule.

Therefore, many music fans will probably be interested to know that two of the founding members of the band, Inaiah Lujan and Desirae "Desi" Garcia, were married at La Foret Nov. 1, amongst all the accoutrements one might expect from a Windchimes Wedding: hand-sewn dresses, kiln-fired centerpieces, and of course, plenty of music, including selections from a mix made by Lujan when the pair started dating.

An excerpt from Bill Forman's original Indy story describes the pair's meeting:

Thanks to a local coffeehouse's MySpace page, Inaiah first reached out to Colorado Springs, and one particular resident, back in June 2006.

"They had a handful of friends, and I recognized all of them except for Desi. I figured she lived in the Pueblo area and, you know, I was a lonely guy," he says with a laugh.

"We always say we have to come up with a better story," says Desirae.

"But it was real innocent," adds Inaiah. "We talked on the phone before we ever met, and I was dealing with some really bad insomnia at the time, so I'd call her at all odd hours of the night and we would just talk for hours. We came up with the whole concept of the Haunted Windchimes the first time we ever talked."

The Haunted Windchimes' latest release, Live Chimes: Volume One, is available from Blank Tape Records, and you can catch the band live at Denver's Bluebird Theater Friday, Nov. 13.

Meanwhile, there's another show of interest in Denver on Nov. 13, as Duluth rock trio Low hits the Larimer Lounge as part of a November U.S. tour, right on the heels of a swing through Europe in October and a spellbinding LP, Ones and Sixes, which was released Sept. 11.

If you're unfamiliar with Low's sound, they initially built a reputation with their stark, haunting, glacial-tempoed songs, and have been described as "slowcore," "sadcore" and all manner of unnecessary, imaginary subgenres.

However, while their songs are usually quietly intense and sparse, led by the electrifying harmonies of husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, the group is much more musically diverse than they usually get credit for. Their show at CC's Arnold Hall in September 2011 opened with squalling guitar feedback from Sparhawk which would have made the Birthday Party proud — and seemed to frighten some of the more delicate sensibilities in the room.

Another show, at Minnesota's Rock the Garden Festival in 2013, consisted entirely of a 30-minute rendition of their song "Do You Know How to Waltz," which peaked with Sparhawk exclaiming, "Drone, not drones!" over the din. Seeing the band live is always unpredictable, except for the fact that you will always leave having felt something profoundly spiritual and beautiful.

To round out your week, here are a few upcoming local shows for your consideration:

Milwaukee-based emcee Milo visits the Flux Capacitor Nov. 11, joined by special guest Sal and local hip-hop standouts Bullhead*ded and Jayoin.

Colin Trusedell's Quartet of Jazz Death returns to Motif Nov.12.

A diverse, quadruple-header of metal at the Black Sheep Nov. 12, includes Auckland, New Zealand's Like a Storm, Pennsylvania's From Ashes to New, Hollywood-based Stitched Up Heart, and North Carolina's Failure Anthem.

A full night of hip-hop, appropriately titled "Hip-Hop Isn't Dead," comes to Sunshine Studios Nov. 13. Artists include Jay Recluse, LiveVil with Logan Grim, Cday, Gwallaman, New Olympus, Emi, and K.O. Kelly.

Finally, Nov. 13 at Manitou Springs' Ancient Mariner, outlaw country singer-songwriter Joe Johnson teams up with bluesman Grant Sabin and the Barrel House String Band's Adrian Bradford Alexander.

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