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What other beverage has the perfect balance of sweet, tart and salty, comes in a big, beautiful glass, and probably has you covered for your daily dose of vitamin C? Is that what makes the margarita so popular, or is there some kind of magic in tequila?


Rachel Whitt of Winfield, Ill., is a house cleaner

How do you feel about margaritas? Oh, I really like them.

When you order one, do you make any special requests? No, I just order a house margarita.

Salt or no salt? Definitely with salt. It enhances the flavor.

Have you ever made one at home? I tried to once, but it was terrible.

Do you plan to imbibe over Memorial Day weekend? Yes, maybe a little.


Terence Bruce of Village Seven is in retail

Do ever drink margaritas? Yes, I love them. It's like they take me somewhere else.

Do you ever order any specialties? No, just a margarita, with salt, on the rocks.

Who makes the best margarita in town? My friend Tara. She makes them at home, and they're really good.

What's your favorite tequila? I like Patrón. But some natives of Mexico say Herradura is the best, and you have to look for the horseshoe on the bottle.


Megan Randolph of the north side is in sales

Do you like margaritas? I love them.

How do you order one? With salt, on the rocks. I don't like them blended.

Do you ever drink tequila mixed in other drinks? No, only in margaritas, when I eat Mexican food.

Have you ever made them at home? We made some for Cinco de Mayo. They were really good.


Robert Davison of the west side is a volunteer

How often do you drink margaritas? Maybe once or twice a year.

Who makes the best margarita in town? The Loop in Manitou Springs.

Do you ever order anything special? No, just a regular margarita, with salt, but no chunk of lime in it.

Do you have a favorite drinking song? "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith or "Family Tradition" by Hank Williams Jr.

Do you know much about the history of tequila? No, but I like to call it "To Kill Ya," especially if you drink too much.

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