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Haim know precisely what the masses want


Haim, Something to Tell You
  • Haim, Something to Tell You
It was evident from the spring launch of their “Want You Back” single that the three Los Angeles-based Haim sisters would aim for a slower pace and more passionate declarations for this second album. Listeners who focus on cadence and riffs may view Something to Tell You as a sophomore slump, but the Haim sisters are master chefs at blending influences. Fleetwood Mac and late-period Motown are the most evident ingredients, but hints of other flavors make the end result Haim’s own. The collective effort works the best in up-tempo songs like “Kept Me Crying” and “Little of Your Love,” though slower songs suggest that Danielle Haim could belt out a solo album of woeful torch songs at any time. This particular mix will be too soul-poppy for some, but Haim may have concocted precisely what the masses demand.
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