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Gypsy Java proves green chile can go in everything


  • Matthew Schniper
I’ll sidestep the debate over whether “gypsy” is an ethnic slur for Roma (seems to depend on intent, plus there’s the whole jazz genre), and focus on how pleased we are with Gypsy Javas, a cool coffee stop and sister outfit to Uncharted Coffee, its roasting arm. Art nouveau style and dark copper walls lend the space an old-world feel. A special bergamot white mocha and unique green chile mocha ($4.35/12-ounce, each) both stand apart from typical offerings. The first, created by manager Vicy Stone, our barista, mixes hand-shaved white chocolate and bergamot extract with espresso shots and milk for a delightful Earl Grey-like finish. Dried local Musso Farms green chiles are powdered and blended with a bitter dark chocolate powder for the latter, which utilizes a Mexican-Colombian dark-roasted blend, not too toasty. Deep chocolate leads the flavor, with only a hint of heat/spice on the back, but also a nice earthy, vegetal essence. Points to Pueblo for managing to put green chile in everything.
Location Details Gypsy Javas
119 Broadway Ave
Pueblo, CO

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