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Grant Sabin - Indy Music Awards 2013

Blues, Album


  • Becky Tillett

In the last decade, Grant Sabin has covered a lot of ground. He started playing out at age 13, went through the blues prodigy's obligatory Robert Johnson phase, and has since developed his own idiosyncratic style that's well-represented on last December's Anthromusicology album.

In addition to being Sabin's most fully realized recording, Anthromusicology bridged local music communities. Released on the Haunted Windchimes' Blank Tape Records label, it finds him collaborating with We Are Not a Glum Lot guitarist Sam Erickson, Briffaut frontman Daniel James Eaton, and drummer-about-town Alex Koshak, who combine their musical talents and taste for cosmic surrealism in the Kings of Space collective.

"The most significant development for my music over the past year has definitely been my involvement with Blank Tape Records and the Kings of Space," says Sabin. "The people that I make music with, mold both the music and myself in a very major way."

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It's also proving addictive. "I would like to put out another album this year," he says, "one with more subtleties to be discovered over a longer period of time."

And while Sabin's toured on his own, sleeping on floors and in his car, he's looking forward to sharing the experience with his Kings of Space cohorts.

"I plan to tour a lot with Alex and hopefully others if they care to join," says Sabin, who's always on the lookout for aliens and Illuminati. "There's lots and lots of Masonic temples in Montana."

1st place: Grant Sabin and Jake Loggins (tie)

3rd place: Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen

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