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Grandmother’s Kitchen earns its name


  • Griffin Swartzell

Grandmother’s Kitchen, 212 E. U.S. Hwy. 24, Woodland Park, 687-3118

Once in a while, a restaurant hits the nail on the head with its name, and Grandmother’s Kitchen does just that. This spot serves pure grandmotherly food, with a few clever twists. We’d rarely go out of our way for a Monte Cristo, for instance, but our server says that, rather than fry it as many American diners do, they serve the mix of ham, turkey and cheese on French toast.

Cool idea, but the French toast itself has no seasoning, muting the flavors of the meat and cheese save for their saltiness. Smucker’s grape jelly, served alongside, helps the sandwich. Side cole slaw has a good texture and creaminess, but it’s also salty.

A biscuit and gravy also offers plenty of salt in gravy that otherwise lacks character, though the biscuit’s fine.

Our Aspen Omelette proves to be the thinnest, smallest three-egg omelette we’ve ever seen, though the Swiss cheese, bacon, spinach and grilled onions inside provides a flavor sensation. Skip Sysco-assembled pies for homemade muffins.

Our banana chocolate chip flavor arrives crumbly, cakey, rich and chocolatey, if light on banana flavor.

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