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Cover Band, People's Choice


  • Dominic DiNardo

Style of music, in 10 words or less: "Our own twist on covers from Pink to Pantera"

Three artists they owe everything to: Tool, Faith No More, Freak Kitchen

Members: Josh Lanier (vocals), Dave Zahara (guitar, vocals), Michael Glaser (bass, vocals), Jameson Becker (drums, vocals)

Debut performance: 2011

Why they matter: Nostalgia only goes so far. Just ask any cover musician who's gone through the motions, however convincingly, for an audience of giddy suburbanites imagining themselves in some other decade when music still mattered to them. GOYA don't have that problem, mainly because they're too busy entertaining themselves and their fans with frenetic covers of Soft Cell, Cee-Lo, Katy Perry and other pop icons who deserve to be rocked over the coals. The former members of Sanguine Addiction, -itis, and Last Supper have also been playing more original material that will find its way onto a forthcoming debut album. They'll also be following up last year's Pantera and AC/DC tributes with a Halloween homage to Rage Against the Machine.

2nd place: 40oz. Freedom Fighters

3rd place: Martini Shot

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