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Mayor Steve Bach is calling for more community spirit. In this economy, and with our recent history, you'd think he'd be fighting an uphill battle. In some cases — but not all — you'd be right.


Rich Kennedy of the Cheyenne Mountain area is a metal worker

What could Mayor Bach do to elevate community spirit? Resign.

Do people in Colorado Springs have reason to be proud? Not that much. We've put way too much emphasis on growth, and we can't provide badly needed services. We can't pay our police, firemen, teachers. The bus route in my neighborhood is gone.

Would you consider volunteering your time on a city board or to a city cause? I might, now that my daughter is grown and moved out of town.


Ray Toomey of Pleasant Valley works at Colorado Springs Utilities

Suggest a way for the mayor to boost community spirit. Take care of his people at city utilities, for one. Utilities employees volunteer many hours to the community. I have two girls in college, my wife is a teacher, and we haven't had a raise in three years.

Are Springsians proud of their community? Personally, I'm proud to be from Colorado Springs, and I'm especially proud of my west side heritage.

Is Colorado Springs more a small town or a big city? To me, it's a small town. For sporting events and concerts, I go to Denver.

Is there a cause you'd consider volunteering your time to? To keep what happened in Wisconsin from happening here.


Anita Perez of Widefield is a student and retired military

What could the mayor do to enhance community spirit? Projects like the downtown Beautification Plan bring people together.

Do Springsians have community pride? Having come here from elsewhere, I'm struck by how many people have bumper stickers announcing themselves as natives.

What cause might you be inclined to volunteer for? The community solar garden they're planning to build.


Linda Kogan of Manitou Springs is sustainability director at UCCS

Are locals proud of their city? It's split. We still carry a bit of a stigma, politically, but there's a lot of activities and beauty to connect with, too.

Do you think of the Springs more as a small town or big city? Somewhere in between. Numbers-wise we're large, but there are still neighborhoods with a small-town feel, and downtown doesn't feel big-city.

Would you volunteer time to a city board or city cause? I've volunteered for the Trails and Open Space Coalition and for various environmental groups, and I work with the Colorado Springs Sustainability Plan.

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