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In "Aboriginal Peak with Red and Blue," Perri Tyler underlines her mountains with white dots. Together, they resemble a trail on a map, fitting since Tyler's an avid hiker.

"I call [hiking] 'massaging the Earth,'" says Tyler, instantly calling to mind a petite woman walking across a fat man's back, igniting pops and cracks.

The artist's own dorsal muscles have been working overtime to get new pieces done for her Capturing Color show at the Business of Art Center's Venue 515.

Tyler, who moved to Manitou Springs from Minnesota 10 years ago, finished approximately 30 pieces for the show, but sold 10 in the first two weeks. She'll have to fill the spaces left by those sales with new works.

"It's a good problem to have," says the 42-year-old.

She's also relying on some older works to help fill the space, like portraits from her "Vibrant Nude Series."

The nudes look surprisingly like the landscapes. Color and forms vibrate in her landscapes and her figures pulse with the same exuberance.

"I want to convey emotion and energy with movement and color," says Tyler.

Tyler sees the painted hearts in her "Intention Heart Series," part of which she's showing at Venue 515, as especially reflective of her desire to spread life's joy. A book called The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, PBS' bald soothsayer, inspired Tyler to do the heart series.

Dyer wrote about becoming aware of the choices one makes toward fulfilling personal goals. The book outlines seven intentions: creativity, love, kindness, beauty, abundance, receptivity and expansion.

Tyler embedded those words in each of her "Intention Hearts" paintings, as well as words beyond the seven, like nature, that also fill Tyler with a sense of intention. In some of the paintings, the words are visible, in other hearts, Tyler hid the words beneath layers of color.

Interestingly, for as much as she's drawn to intention, Tyler says painting simply serves a creative outlet.

"I just do it because I'm compelled to do it. I don't try to analyze it too much. As long as I'm passionate and happy about that, that's probably the place I should be."

Frances Gomeztagle

Perri Tyler's Capturing Color
Business of Art Center's Venue 515, 515 Manitou Ave.
Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m., through Sept. 14
Free; for more, call 685-1861.

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