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Two years ago, Jason Zacharias was a man who just wanted to use his Web site,, as a way to promote his friends' art and literature.

Then, last year, Zacharias dropped the "virtual" from his online vision to make it reality, opening OpticalReverb Gallery at Cedars Jazz Club, inside Paragon Culinary School. It was a fine place to hold art openings and performance concerts, but, as in a relationship between a parent and a twenty-something child, it's time for Zacharias to move on.

This week, he's ready to reopen his gallery in the eclectic Depot Arts District.

The relocated showplace, at 218 W. Colorado Ave., adjacent to the Smokebrush and Bridge galleries, has the makings of a promising arts forum. It's much smaller than the space at Cedars, but roomy enough to feature works professionally. The cozier space limits OpticalReverb's showings to those of the highest caliber. Best of all, Zacharias isn't bound by another business's concerns.

"I don't have to show any restraint whatsoever with the subject matter," he says.

Zacharias is looking to expand OpticalReverb in other directions, as well. Artists who exhibit at the gallery can choose to have their work on a yearlong tour of sorts through hot spots in the city, such as V Bar, Phantom Canyon, Blue Star and Sencha.

...and Bill Starr prove that one size truly does fit all. - MOLLY DANTI
  • Molly Danti
  • ...and Bill Starr prove that one size truly does fit all.

Currently, Zacharias is pursuing a zoning license for an adjacent space that would approve it as an outdoor music venue. Another unique gallery feature will be the addition of an on-site printer, allowing those who can't afford an original painting, for example, to dig through the gallery's archives and create high-quality prints on archival paper.

For Zacharias, relaunching OpticalReverb is just the first step in what may be a long and creative relationship with the Springs.

"It's no-holds-barred," he promises. "It's just going to get crazier and crazier."

-- Kara Luger


OpticalReverb Gallery grand opening with NonDescript, featuring the photography of Bill Starr and Molly Danti

218 W. Colorado Ave., 210-9799

Friday, Nov. 4, 5-10 p.m.

Free; visit for a full list of events and showings around town.

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