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Going indie


Documentaries, screwball comedies, costume dramas, kung fu flicks, crime thrillers, animation, science fiction, old-timey classics ... our movie tastes say a lot about who, and how old, we are.


Peter Nicolaus

Insurance claims rep
Explain the difference between "indie" and mainstream flicks. Indies are under a little less pressure to make money, so they can deal with more interesting topics, things that matter.

What's your all-time favorite indie? One I just recently saw at the Women's Film Festival about families living in garbage dumps in Costa Rica. It was incredibly visceral you could smell and feel it.

Name a great film few people know about. Brazil, with Terry Gilliam: a politically-charged movie in a goofy way that evolves into something totally scary.

If you were an actor, would you headline the tabloids, or be the reclusive/activist type? If I could be wealthy and buy a ranch in Montana, that's how I'd live. I'd rather be rich than famous.


Julia Brochey

Teacher and musician
Differentiate between mainstream and indie films. Indies tend to be more intelligent, creative and realistic, whereas Hollywood flicks go more for outcomes mainstream viewers like.

What's a really good "unknown" movie? I recently saw one called Eagle vs Shark that's now my all-time favorite. It's a hilarious romantic comedy, but it's very realistic, with characters that aren't very attractive.

If you were an actress, would you be secretive and political, or would you be fodder for scandal sheets? I'd crusade for causes here and there, but I wouldn't hide all my interesting imperfections from the public.

If you had any movie ever made at your disposal, what would you watch tonight? It'd be Eagle vs Shark, because I'm in a fun mood today.


Stephanie Switzer

Sales rep
Do you prefer to watch mainstream or indie films? Indies, definitely. They have more thought-provoking content, and I'd rather learn than be entertained.

What guides your movie selection? I like films where you learn something and take something worthwhile away from them. I'd rather read a book than watch a bad movie.

Name an under-appreciated movie. American Beauty is an amazing mainstream movie that didn't get the recognition it should have. It's full of thought-provoking innuendo. Most people didn't really get it.

Describe your lifestyle, if you were an actress. I'd probably start out tabloid material, but gradually become more environmentally active.
Bob Campbell

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