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We all have a go-to dish when the occasion calls for it, and who hasn't lusted after the recipe for a fondly remembered tidbit at a restaurant or dinner party?

  • Danimus Abdelnourson

Danimus Abdelnourson of near downtown is a student.

What restaurant would you most like to get a recipe from? Everest Nepal. I recently ate an eggplant dish there that was just incredible.

Do you have a dish you're renowned for and trot out on special occasions? I make this smoothie bowl that I blend with acai, pour home-made granola on top, put strawberries and bananas on top of that, stir it all up and top it off with local honey. It's goo-oood.

What's your favorite fall dish? Acorn squash that's cut in half and filled with walnuts, honey and raisins.

Do you watch cooking shows like MasterChef? I've watched a good bit of Chopped. Contestants are given highly unusual ingredients they have to use to make a given dish. Seeing what they come up with gets me to thinking and more creative when I cook.

  • Misty McCullah

Misty McCullah of Wetmore, in Fremont County, is a buffalo producer.

What restaurant would you love to get a recipe from? Chipotle. I love Mexican food and what they do there.

Do you have a special go-to recipe for special occasions? That would be my filet mignon or my full tenderloin for Easter or Thanksgiving — buffalo, of course.

Is there a restaurant that comes to mind more often in autumn? Two Sisters in Florence — a mom-and-pop place that's been there forever, and they use buffalo.

Are you a fan of MasterChef and shows of that sort? I've seen MasterChef a few times, but I don't like how they put so much stress on the contestants.

  • Bleys Kueck

Bleys Kueck of Vista Grande is a Latin teacher and weekend cheesemonger.

What restaurant would you love to nab a recipe from? Paravicini's in Old Colorado City. My wife and I went there for our anniversary and it was fantastic.

Do you have a relative who has a killer recipe? My dad makes a green chile that's absolutely where it's at. I've tried and tried to emulate it, but I can't.

Do you have a favorite fall dish? Once again, my dad's green chile. When I smell chilies roasting in markets in the fall, it's all I can think about.

What's your all-time favorite restaurant? My all-time favorite is l'Archetto in Rome, where my wife and I got engaged. In these parts it's Antica Roma in Boulder.

Do you watch shows like MasterChef or Hell's Kitchen? My wife and I watch Restaurant Impossible, but mostly because she's really into interior decorating.

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