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Get served: Microbrewhaha

Our microbrews taste better than your microbrews ...

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Now that youre settling into Colorado Springs, its time to make some life-altering choices real important stuff, like which beer youll pour down your throat.

Well, you could go the standard route of non-beer snobs nationwide and tap the Rockies with the Coors Brewing Company. Or you could indulge in some of the fine local microbrews you just wandered upon here in town.

Bottoms up!

Arctic Craft Brewery 2506 E. Platte Place, 477-1340 arcticcraftbrewery.com

Since: 2001

Best known for: Milk Stout Located in a rented garage and open just three nights a week Arctic Craft Brewery isnt as easily enjoyed as the other breweries on this list. But its starting to make a name for itself by branching out. Its taps can be found at Kinfolks in Manitou Springs, at the Thirsty Parrot downtown and at PTs Showclub on the southeast side.

Bristol Brewing Co. 1647 S. Tejon St., 633-2555 bristolbrewing.com

Since: 1994

Best known for: Laughing Lab Scottish Ale Regarded for their widely popular front-house beers, like Winter Warlock, Mass Transit, Red Rocket and Beehive, Bristol also earns brew cred for its back-house, small-batch experiments, like its Skull and Bones series. Find em in just about any liquor-store cooler in town, or on tap in several local restaurants. Or just pull up a stool at the brewery to try what you cant find in a bottle.

Judge Baldwin's Brewing Co. 4 S. Cascade Ave., 473-5600 Since: 1990

Best known for: Um ... really good happy-hour appetizer deals? Baldwins is a bit of an enigma. Located inside the Antlers Hilton hotel, this brewery, which does brew in its hotel location, promises seven beers on tap at all times four standard and three seasonal. We havent yet found one that really leaves much of a mark. But do you really care when youre munching on the half-price appetizers offered on Monday nights during football season?

Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. 2 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 635-2800 phantomcanyon.com

Since: 1993

Best known for: Queens Blonde Ale Phantom Canyon is the citys bustling brewpub, offering a lengthy list of standards and seasonal beers. It stirs up a superb barleywine annually, a spiced Christmas ale come winter, and plenty of classics like Phantom I.P.A., Stonehead Stout and Cascade Amber Ale. Phantom also offers great happy-hour and pitcher deals to accompany pool-playing or dinner. Oh, and theyve got a wicked root beer for the kiddies.

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