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Get out: How's the weather?



If I hear one more person say, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes," and laugh proudly as if he was the genius who made it up, I'm moving to California.

Come on we all know it to be true, but do we have to beat each other over the heads with banality?

Yes, newcomers and visitors to the Springs, you must lug a fleece pullover with you in case it starts snowing during your summer picnic. You must haul sunblock around, too, in case you decide to tan your hide on the lawn in October. We live in Bizarro World, where these things happen routinely, and weathermen throw dice to prognosticate our days.

But we love it. It's windy and wild here. We also have more sunny days annually than Seattle enjoys in a grunge band's lifetime. We also get enough snow for our kids to learn about sleds and snowmen, but usually not so much that they have to make up for lost school time come summer.

We don't have to worry about volcanoes, hurricanes or tsunamis. Earthquakes, twisters, floods and lengthy blizzards are rare. Yeah, there's an occasional drought, and conscious energy and resource consumption is a must. But truly, Colorado Springs and the Front Range offer one of the most temperate and desirable climates in the world. It's one of the first reasons most people cite when talking about why they like it here.

So be prepared for anything, but relax you're mostly going to find magnetic days that draw you outdoors, away from your worries.

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