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Note: Parks and open space information was primarily sourced from the Colorado Springs city Web site, springsgov.com.

Whenever possible, we have included park acreage. Due to space limitations, we generally listed only those parks spanning at least five acres.

Open spaces and natural resource areas

Mesa Open Space 1402 Manitou Blvd.

North of Monument Street. 14 acres. Sondermann Park 740 W. Caramillo St.

Wheelchair access, picnic shelter, restroom, trails, access to the Mesa Valley Trail. 99 acres. North

Austin Bluffs Open Space 1910 Rimwood Drive. Combination of several open space areas including Pulpit Rock, University Park and Austin Bluffs. 586 acres. Pikeview Reservoir #1 Southwest of Garden of the Gods Road and North Nevada Avenue.

Fishing, access to the Pikes Peak Greenway trail. 12 acres. Rockrimmon Open Space Tamarron Drive and Saddle Mountain Road. 78 acres. Sinton Pond Open Space Sinton Road between Fillmore and Garden of the Gods Road, east of I-25, wetlands area. 13 acres. Stetson Hills Open Space South of Bridlespur Avenue and north of Comstock Loop. 139 acres. Sunset Mesa Open Space 5685 Flintridge Drive.

Neighborhood trail. 72 acres. Northwest

Blair Bridge Open Space 4001 N. 30th St. Historic stone bridge, parking area, access to Foothills Trail. 38 acres. Blodgett Peak Open Space 3898 W. Woodmen Road. Walking trails. 167 acres. High Chaparral Open Space 5002 N. Powers Blvd.

Trailhead parking on south side of Stetson Hills Boulevard, by water tank. 55 acres. Mountain Shadows Open Space 2440 Brogans Bluff Drive. West of Centennial Boulevard and east of Flying W Ranch Road. 61 acres. South Face Open Space Vindicator Drive. 17 acres. Woodmen Valley Open Space 2526 W. Woodmen Road. South of Woodmen Park. 30 acres. West

Broadview Open Space South of Fillmore Street and east of Mesa Road. Mesa Valley Trail access. 11 acres. Douglas Creek Open Space 1319 Holland Park Blvd. Access to the Sinton Trail. 22 acres. Mesa Valley Open Space South of Fillmore Street and east of Mesa Road, behind Holmes Middle School. Access to Mesa Valley Trail. 42 acres. Red Rock Canyon Open Space 3615 W. High St. Gravel parking lot, portable toilets, over three miles of developed trails. Dog off-leash trail area. 786.3 acres. Stratton Open Space 1789 La Veta Way. La Veta trailhead has biking, hiking and equestrian trails. 318 acres. East

Pring Ranch Open Space At Pring Ranch and Barnes roads. Six acres. South

Bluestem Prairie Open Space South Powers Boulevard and Drennan Road. Trailhead parking north of Fountain Boulevard on Goldfield Drive. 647 acres. Cheyenne Meadows Open Space Cheyenne Meadows Road and Bayfield Drive. Open space area with trails. 22 acres. Cresta Open Space Cresta Road, northwest of Skyway Elementary School. 29 acres.

Neal Ranch Open Space 5085 Neal Ranch Road. Six acres.

Parks: community

America the Beautiful 126 Cimino Drive. Playground, walking paths, picnic pavilion and restrooms. 17 acres. Memorial 1605 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Including picnic areas, horseshoe courts, playgrounds, trails and bikeways, as well as Prospect Lake for swimming, fishing, boating and water-skiing. Also includes bath house. Sports center with baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, tennis courts. 196 acres. Monument Valley 170 W. Cache la Poudre St., adjacent to Monument Creek.

Northern: Baseball/softball field, soccer field, playground, walking and biking paths, access to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. Southern: Outdoor pool, baseball/softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball area, fishing, picnicking, playground, restrooms, hiking and biking trails, wheelchair access. 153 total acres. North

Cottonwood Creek 7040 Rangewood Drive. Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center, indoor pool, picnic tables, playground, restrooms, sledding, four soccer fields, softball/baseball fields, tennis courts, inline hockey court, disc golf course, walking and running paths. Wheelchair access. 77 acres. Rampart 8270 Lexington Drive

Basketball court, baseball field, tennis courts, playground, picnic shelter, restroom, BMX track, soccer field and dog park. 78 acres. East

Coleman Park 4385 Tutt Ave. North of Security Service Field. Lighted soccer stadium. 54 acres. West

Wilson Ranch 2335 Allegheny Drive. Wilson Ranch Outdoor Pool, picnic pavilion, playground, tennis courts, inline hockey court with basketball hoops, backstop for softball/baseball. 11.4 acres. South

Quail Lake 915 Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. Basketball court, non-motorized boating, fishing, picnicking, playground, large group shelter, sledding, hiking, biking, two sand volleyball courts. 113 acres.

Parks: neighborhood

Acacia 115 E. Platte Ave. Band shell,

picnicking, playground, shuffleboard and the famous Uncle Wilber fountain. 3.67 acres. Adams 851 Boggs Place. Adjacent school facilities, two baseball/soccer fields. Six acres. Bonforte 2323 N. Wahsatch Ave. Handicapped access, playground, picnicking, baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, tennis courts, trails/sidewalk path. Eight acres. Boulder 1210 E. Boulder St. Basketball, baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, multi-play court, playground, picnicking, tennis courts, trails/sidewalk paths. Seven acres. Dorchester 1130 S. Nevada Ave. Picnicking, large group picnic area, playground, restrooms. Seven acres. Fountain 901 E. Fountain Blvd. Hillside Community Center. Baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, handicapped access, multi-play court, picnicking, playground, restrooms, volleyball courts. 11 acres. Nancy E. Lewis 2615 Logan Ave. Soccer/tee-ball field, playground, shelter, croquet/putting green, sand volleyball court, picnicking, pond/waterfall/fountain, sidewalk paths, restroom, handicapped access. Nine acres. Penrose 4295 Nonchalant Circle South. Adjacent school facilities, basketball, baseball/softball field, picnicking, football/soccer field. 17 acres. South Shooks Run 402 E. Fountain Blvd. Shooks Run Creek, picnicking, large group picnic area, two playgrounds, Shooks Run Trail. 12 acres. Village Green 3590 Carefree Circle North. Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer fields, picnicking, group picnic area, playground, restrooms. 19 acres.

Candleflower 7690 Contrails Drive. Basketball, family picnic sites, handicapped access. Five acres. Carver 4242 Carefree Circle North. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, ball court, picnicking, playground, two football/soccer fields. 18 acres. Frank Castello 7640 Potomac Drive. Baseball/softball field, soccer/football field, multi-use court, playground, picnicking. 7 acres. Discovery 155 Buckeye Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, picnic tables, parking lot, two playgrounds, football/soccer field. 12 acres. Dublin 2450 Roundtop Drive. Baseball/softball field, basketball court, football/soccer field, handicapped access, picnicking, playground, trails/sidewalk path, volleyball court. 15 acres. Erindale 1705 Twin Oaks Drive. Multi-play court, picnicking, playground, trails/sidewalk path. 6.5 acres. Explorer 4260 Bardot Drive. Inline hockey court, playground, walking paths. Seven acres. Fairfax 8175 Chancellor Drive. Basketball, handicapped access, picnicking, playground, soccer. Five acres. Flanagan 3132 N. Prospect St. Basketball, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, multi-play court, picnicking, large group picnic area, playground, trails/sidewalk path. Five acres. Foothills 853 Allegheny Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball, basketball, football/soccer field, handicapped access, multi-play court, picnicking, large group picnic area, playground, restrooms, trails/sidewalk path, volleyball court. Eight acres. Fremont 5080 El Camino Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, playground, two football/soccer fields. Seven acres. Ford Frick 8025 N. Union Blvd. Baseball, picnicking, playground, restrooms, soccer field. 12 acres. Frontier 3725 Meadow Ridge Drive.

Baseball/softball field, basketball court, football/soccer field, playground, picnicking, trails/sidewalk path. Five acres. Golden Hills 6155 Delmonico Drive. Baseball, basketball court, handicapped access, picnicking, large group picnic area, playground, restrooms, trails/sidewalk path. Five acres. Jackson 1111 Holland Park Blvd.Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, picnicking, playground, tennis courts, football/softball field. 10 acres. Keystone 6050 Sapporo Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, playground, football/soccer field, volleyball court. Five acres. Mary Kyer 1101 Middle Creek Pkwy.

Picnicking, playground, picnic shelter, pond, inline hockey/basketball court, tennis court, off-street parking, multi-use play fields, trailhead, multi-purpose field for baseball and soccer, walking/jogging loop. 11 acres. Eugene McCleary 5214 Pioneer Mesa Drive.

Backstop, basketball/inline hockey court, grills, multi-purpose field for baseball and soccer, playground, picnicking. Five acres. Fred McKown 5155 Balsam St. Backstop, basketball court, grills, multi-purpose field, playground, picnicking. Nine acres. Meadowridge 8320 Boxelder Drive. Handicapped access, playground, trails/sidewalk paths. Seven acres. Mountain Shadows 5151 Flying W Ranch Road. Softball/soccer, handicapped access, horseshoe pits, children's playground, picnic pavilion/tables, sledding, multi-use trail, volleyball. 6.5 acres. Pion Valley 5585 Mule Deer Drive. Basketball, picnic tables, shelter, playground, drinking fountain, restroom, soccer/softball field and volleyball courts. Six acres. Portal 3535 N. Hancock Ave. Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer field, handicapped access, picnicking, playground, public telephone, restrooms, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, trails. 11 acres. John L. Stone 4017 Family Place. Basketball court, handicapped access, skateboard park, parking lot, playground, soccer field. Seven acres. Wasson 1910 N. Circle Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/ softball field, multi-play courts, football/soccer field, playground, sledding, restrooms. 13 acres. Woodmen Valley 2525 W. Woodmen Road. Baseball, basketball, handicapped access, picnicking, open play field, playground, lighted tennis courts. Six acres. Woodstone 1315 Carlson Drive. Basketball court, picnicking, playground, shelter, sledding area, soccer/tee-ball field, walkways. 11 acres.

Roy Benavidez 3395 Afternoon Circle. Picnic shelter, playground, sand volleyball. Seven acres. George Fellows 5711 Tuckerman Drive. Children's garden, handicapped access, picnic shelter, playground. 10 acres. Garden Ranch 2220 Montebello Drive West

Baseball/softball field, basketball court, fitness trail, football/soccer field, handicapped access, picnicking, large group picnic area, playground, restrooms, volleyball court. Nine acres. Grant 2821 Shadowglen Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, basketball, multi-play court, two football/soccer fields, picnicking, playground. 12 acres. Heathercrest 1975 Heathercrest Drive. Baseball/softball, basketball, handicapped access, picnicking, large group area, sand volleyball, trails/sidewalk path. Eight acres. Henry 1404 Lehmberg Blvd. Adjacent school facilities, multi-purpose field, basketball, picnicking, playground, soccer. Eight acres. Homestead 5300 Carefree Circle South. Basketball, mountain biking, playground, trails/sidewalk. Five acres. Keller 4950 Meadowland Blvd. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, playground. 18 acres. Betty Krouse Park 2415 E. Cache la Poudre St. 11 acres. Old Farm 4585 Old Farm Circle West. Basketball court, playground, volleyball court. 27.5 acres. Otero 4630 Iron Horse Trail. Scenic overlook, picnicking, playground, trails/sidewalk paths. Six acres. Remington 2750 Pony Tracks Drive. Basketball, handicapped access, picnicking, playground, soccer field, trail/sidewalk paths. Five acres. Roosevelt 219 Byron Drive. Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, picnicking, playground. Five acres. Rudy 5360 Cracker Barrel Circle. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, mountain biking, picnicking, scenic overlook. 16 acres. Sagebrush 651 Crestline Drive. Basketball court, handicapped access, playground, picnicking, soccer field, trails/sidewalk paths. Five acres. Sandstone 4650 Pring Ranch Road

Baseball, basketball court, picnicking, playground, playfield, restrooms, tennis courts, trails/sidewalk paths, volleyball court. 12 acres. Stetson 4870 Jedediah Smith Road. Seven acres. Stetson Ridge 7415 Kettle Drum St. 23 acres. Twain 3320 E. San Miguel St. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, picnicking, playground, football/soccer field. Five acres. Van Diest 1520 S. Chelton Road. Adjacent school facilities, two baseball/softball fields, basketball court, picnicking, playground, inline hockey court, sledding. 15 acres. Villa Loma 5055 Escapardo Way. Biking, hiking, jogging, playground, trails/sidewalk paths. Eight acres. Wagner 3637 E. Bijou St. Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer field, playground. Seven acres. South

Broadmoor Valley 3750 Broadmoor Valley Road. Baseball/basketball courts, handicapped access, playground, picnicking, football/soccer field, restrooms, softball field. 12 acres. Cheyenne Meadows 3868 Glen Meadow Drive. Baseball/softball, basketball, horseshoes, multi-use court, picnicking, playground, soccer field, trails/sidewalk paths. Fenced dog park at Charmwood Road and Canoe Creek Drive. 20 acres. Deerfield 4290 Deerfield Hills Road. Deerfield Community Center, community garden, greenhouse, handicapped access, kitchen facilities, multi-play court, playground, restrooms, outdoor swimming pool and trails/sidewalk path. 13 acres. Giberson 2890 Ferber Drive. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, large group picnic area, playground. Seven acres. Meadowlark 2709 Dickens Drive. Handicapped access, playground, multi-use court, soccer field, trails/sidewalk paths, volleyball court. Seven acres. Meadows 1990 S. El Paso Ave. Baseball/softball field, basketball, football/soccer field, multi-play court, picnicking, playground, community center with gym, multi-use rooms, auditorium, kitchens, conference room. Six acres. Panorama 4540 Fenton Road. Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, picnicking, group picnic shelter. 13 acres. Skyway South off North Star and Milky Way drives. Undeveloped neighborhood park north of Skyway Elementary School. Six acres. Wildflower 980 Nolte Drive. Adjacent school facilities, two football/soccer fields, playground. 22 acres. West

Pioneer 1101 Cenotaph Circle. Baseball/softball field, picnicking, playground, football/soccer field, Pioneers Memorial. Nine acres. Thorndale 2310 W. Uintah St. Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, horseshoe courts, picnicking, large group picnic shelter, playground, restrooms, sidewalk path, tennis courts. Five acres. West Junior High Backyard 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave.

Exercise course, football/ soccer, picnic shelter, playground, running track, tennis, volleyball. Five acres. Westmoor 3315 Water St. Baseball, basketball court, playground, softball field, tennis courts, restrooms. Seven acres.

Parks: regional
Find more info at adm.elpasoco.com/parks/default.asp. Bear Creek Regional Park 501 Bear Creek Road. 766 acres. Black Forest Regional Park At Shoup and Milam roads. Ceresa Park 1580 Leigh Lane Cheyenne Mountain

State Park South Highway 115 and Pine Oaks Road. Offers campsites, picnicking areas and more than 20 miles of trails. 1,680 acres. Clear Spring Ranch Park Loren Lane, Fountain. 970 acres. Fountain Creek Regional Park 2010 Duckwood Road,

Fountain. Fountain Creek Regional Trail Begins at the southern edge of Fountain Creek Regional Park and extends approximately 10.5 miles to the Colorado Springs city limit. Fox Run Regional Park 2110 Stella Drive

Garden of the Gods Park

3130 N. 30th St.

Twenty rock formations including Balanced Rock, Steamboat Rock and Kissing Camels, eight miles of trails (mountain biking, hiking, jogging, equestrian), picnic areas, rock climbing, scenic drive, visitors center, trading post, American Mothers Chapel. 1,319 acres. Homestead Ranch

Regional Park East on U.S. Highway 24 to Elbert Road, head north five miles on Elbert to Sweet Road, east 2 miles to Golihar, then north mile to the park entrance on the left. Jimmy Camp Creek U.S. Highway 24 and Constitution Avenue, in the Banning Lewis Ranch area. Undeveloped. 693 acres. New Santa Fe Regional Trail Between Palmer Lake and the 1.3 miles past the southern boundary of the Air Force Academy. Approximately 15 miles. North Cheyenne Cañon 2110 N. Cheyenne Cañon Road. Starsmore Discovery Center and Helen Hunt Falls Visitor Center with ecological, wildlife and geological exhibits, handicapped access, restrooms, rock-climbing demonstration area, amphitheater, 56 miles of trails (hiking, equestrian), picnic area with large group shelter (reservation only), Helen Hunt Falls, Silver Cascade Falls, scenic drive, white fir botanical reserve. 1,277 acres. North Slope Recreation Area Pikes Peak Toll Road, Cascade. Three reservoirs on north slope of Pikes Peak. No swimming. Bank fishing, non-gasoline powered boating, mountain biking, hiking, jogging, picnicking and scenic drive. Closed on July 4. 2,267 acres. Paint Mines Interpretive Park Paint Mine Road, southeast of Calhan. Palmer Park 3650 Maizeland Road. Two baseball/softball fields, community playground, football/soccer field, horse stables, restrooms, picnic shelters (including space for large groups with reservations), botanical reserve, Seven Castles geological point of interest, over 25 miles of trails (hiking, jogging, equestrian), volleyball courts, dog park. 740 acres. Palmer Lake Regional Recreation Area

Near Highway 105 at County Line Road, Palmer Lake. Palmer Divide

Regional Trail "Woodlake Trailhead" Hodgen Road and Woodlake Road, Palmer Lake. Rock Island Regional Trail Parallel to U.S. Highway 24, between Falcon and Peyton. Ute Valley 1705 Vindicator Drive.

Biking and hiking, wetland area. 338 acres. Widefield Community Park 1300 Fontaine Blvd. 17 acres.

Parks: sports complexes
El Pomar Youth

Sports Complex 2212 Executive Circle. Youth baseball diamonds and soccer fields, lights, wheelchair access, maintenance building, restrooms, access to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. 54 acres. Four Diamond Sports Complex 5025 N. Nevada Ave. Four baseball/softball fields, lights, football/soccer field, wheelchair access, playground, restrooms. 35 acres. Richard "Goose" Gossage Youth Sports Complex 3225-3950 Mark Dabling Blvd. Concessions, youth baseball and soccer fields, lights, handicapped access, restrooms, scoreboards, skateboard, BMX area, access to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, Sinton Trail and Templeton Gap Trail. 36 acres. Skyview Adult Softball

Complex 2890 Resnik Drive. Six adult fields, 2 wheelchair fields, playground, maintenance building, restrooms. 41 acres. Leon Young Youth Sports Complex 1335 S. Chelton Road. Youth baseball fields, lights, playground, wheelchair access, maintenance building, restrooms. 25 acres.

The following groups offer multiple sports activities: Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Services Sports Office, 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 385-5981

coloradospringsnews.com Colorado Springs Police

Athletic League 705 S. Nevada Ave., 444-7618


Colorado Springs Little League

2345 Academy Place, 591-1819 Great Starts Sports Camp P.O. Box 141, Monument, 488-9370 Baseball - Professional:

Colorado Springs Sky Sox 4385 Tutt Blvd., 597-1449 (office), 591-7699 (tickets)

skysox.com Baseball - Recreational:

Fountain Valley Baseball

Association 600 E. Iowa Ave., Fountain, 382-7227


baberuthnetwork.com Basketball

City of Colorado Springs Adult Basketball 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 385-5981

springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=5595 Colorado Springs Stars

B-Ball Academy 8128 Old Exchange Drive, 231-5353

starsbball.org Bowling

Bear Creek Lanes 1232 S. 21st St., 634-6719 Brunswick Zone Circle 999 N. Circle Drive, 596-5257

brunswickbowling.com Classic Bowl 1867 N. Circle Drive,

632-4636 Colorado Springs Bowling Association 7560 Sunbeam Way, 390-9955


Note: Not a bowling alley. Harmony Bowl 3845 N. Academy Blvd.,

591-1000 King Pin Lanes 3410 N. Academy Blvd.,

574-0820 Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd., 955-7220

mrbiggsffc.com Peak Bowling Center 2861 N. Prospect St.,


peakbowl.com Valley Bowl 5530 Fountain Valley Shopping Center, 392-3010 Boxing

BFS Boxing Club 4335 N. Academy Blvd., 264-8484

coloradospringskickboxing.com Old School Boxing Gym 3125 N. El Paso St., 632-1982

oldschoolboxing.org Climbing

Alpen Quest Organizing outdoor expeditions.

P.O. Box 75326, 635-4741

alpenquest.com Gravity Play Renting equipment.

4955 Northpark Drive,


gravityplay.net Pikes Peak Alpine School Organizing outdoor expeditions.

10 S. Limit St., 630-3934

sei-ppas.com THE ROCK Climbing Center Climbing gym.

16240 Old Denver Hwy., Monument, 487-8572

climbingtherock.com Rocky Mountain

Outdoor Center 228 F St., Salida, 719/539-4680


Organizing outdoor expeditions. Sport Climbing Center 4650 Northpark Drive, 260-1050

sportclimbcs.com College athletics

Colorado College

Varsity Athletics 14 E. Cache la Poudre St., 389-6606 (college activities) or 576-2626 (hockey tickets)

coloradocollege.edu/athletics U.S. Air Force Academy Varsity Athletics 2168 Field House Drive, 800/666-8723 (tickets)


goairforcefalcons.com University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Varsity Athletics P.O. Box 7150 80903-7150, 262-3003 (information)

uccs.edu/athletic Disc golf and ultimate frisbee - Clubs

Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club ppfdc.com Colorado Disc Sports Association


coloradodisc.com Disc golf and ultimate frisbee - Sites

Cottonwood Creek Park Off Montarbor Drive, adjacent to soccer fields Widefield Park Near Fontaine Boulevard and Drury Lane Dodgeball

City of Colorado Springs Adult Dodgeball 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave.,


springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=5599 Football

City of Colorado Springs Adult Flag Football 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave.,


springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=5599 Frank Glazier Football Clinics 1880 Office Club Pointe,


glazierclinics.com Golf - Courses (private)

Broadmoor Golf Club The Broadmoor,

1 Lake Circle, 577-5790


luxury-golf-resorts.php Colorado Springs

Country Club 3333 Templeton Gap Road, 634-8851

cscountryclub.com The Country Club of Colorado 125 E. Clubhouse Drive, 538-4095

ccofcolorado.com Kissing Camels Golf Course at Gardens of the Gods Club 3320 Mesa Road, 632-5541

gardenofthegodsclub.com Golf - Courses (public)

Antler Creek Golf Course 9650 Antler Creek Drive, Falcon, 494-1900

antlercreekgolf.com Appletree Golf Course 10150 Rolling Ridge Road, 382-3649

Note: This course is currently under construction. Cherokee Ridge

Golf Course 1850 Tuskegee Place, 597-2637 Gleneagle Golf Club 345 Mission Hill Way, 488-0900

gleneaglegolfclub.com King's Deer Golf Club 19255 Royal Troon Drive, Monument, 481-1518

kingsdeergolfclub.com Patty Jewett Golf Course 900 E. Espanola St., 385-6934

Two courses. Pine Creek Golf Club 9850 Divot Trail, 594-9999

pinecreek.com Sand Creek Golf Course 6865 Galley Road, 597-5489

worldgolfsandcreek.com Springs Ranch Golf Club 3525 Tutt Blvd., 573-4863

springsranchgolfclub.com Valley Hi Municipal

Golf Course 610 S. Chelton Road, 385-6911

springsgov.com Vineyard Golf Club 3819 Janitell Road, 226-2466 Golf - Courses (military)

Cheyenne Shadows

Golf Club at Fort Carson Bldg. 7800, Titus Boulevard, Fort Carson, 526-4122 Eisenhower Golf Course Bldg. 3170, 333-4735


Two courses on grounds of Air Force Academy. Silver Spruce Golf Course 401 Glasgow Bldg. 1054,


21svs.com/index php?page=golf Golf - Driving ranges

Antler Creek Golf Course 9650 Antler Creek Drive, Falcon, 494-1900

antlercreekgolf.com Gleneagle Golf Club 345 Mission Hill Way, 488-0900


King's Deer Golf Club

19255 Royal Troon Drive, Monument, 481-1518

kingsdeergolfclub.com Patty Jewett Golf Course 900 E. Espanola St., 385-6934 Pine Creek Golf Club 9850 Divot Trail, 594-9999

pinecreek.com Sand Creek Golf Course 6865 Galley Road, 597-5489

worldgolfsandcreek.com Springs Ranch Golf Club 3525 Tutt Blvd., 573-4863

springsranchgolfclub.com Hiking This area offers more hikinig opportunities than we possibly could list here. A relatively comprehensive list of trails is available on the Web at


msa_1720.asp. Horseback riding

Academy Riding Stables 4 El Paso Blvd., 633-5667

arsriding.com Mark Reyner Stables, Inc. 3254 Paseo Road, 634-4173 Stables at the Broadmoor 1825 Cheyenne Blvd., 448-0371

comtnadventure.com Hockey

Tour Inline Arena 3325 Meadow Ridge Drive, 597-1235; sihahocey.com Colorado Springs Amateur Hockey Association csaha.com Ice skating

Broadmoor Skating Club World Arena, 3185 Venetucci Blvd., 687-2814

broadmoorsc.com Colorado Springs Figure Skating Hall of Fame and Museum 20 First St., 635-5200


worldskatingmuseum.com Colorado Springs World Arena and Ice Hall 3185 Venetucci Blvd.

477-2100 (administration), 477-2121 (general information)

worldarena.com Sertich Ice Center 1705 E. Pikes Peak Ave.,

385-5983 Mountain biking

Challenge Unlimited Offering organized excursions.

633-6399 Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center Offering organized excursions.

28 F St., Salida, 719/539-4680

rmoc.com Trails Trail information sourced from trailcentral.com and dirtworld.com. Barr Trail Take a right on Hydro Street in Manitou Springs and park in the lot at the trailhead. Captain Jack's

and the Chutes Go to Seven Falls and take a right. Park when the road turns to dirt. Trails start at the top of the hill. Garden of the Gods Visitor Center at 1805 N. Gateway Road. Palmer Park On Paseo Road. Palmer Point Trail Starts at Palmer Park, at the Maizeland and Academy intersection. Paul Intemann Memorial Trail Off Lower Gold Camp Road. Pipeline/Seven Bridges Forest Road 379, leads 1.5 miles to the trailhead just beyond Frosty's Park. (High-clearance vehicle needed.) Santa Fe Trail Access from West Woodmen Road. Trail Dirt Jumps Past storage area at the King Soopers on Uintah Street, trail heads out from the corner of 19th and King streets. Waldo Canyon Trail Off Highway 24, three miles outside Manitou Springs. Paintball

Color Splash Paintball 1813 Santa Fe Drive, Suite B, Pueblo, 719/544-1560

colorsplashpaintball.com Dragon Arms, Inc. 1220 Dragon Man Drive, 683-2200

dragonmans.com Splat Master's Paintball 6855 Constitution Ave., 574-7004 Rafting and whitewater adventures

American Adventure Expeditions 12844 E. U.S. Hwy. 24/285, Buena Vista, 800/288-0675

americanadventure.com Acquired Tastes Rafting 12918 U.S. Hwy. 24/285, Buena Vista, 800/888-8582

atraft.com The Adventure Company 12984 U.S. Hwy. 24/285, Buena Vista, 800/497-7238

theadventurecompany.com Arkansas Valley Adventures 40671 U.S. Hwy. 24 North, Buena Vista, 800/370-0581

coloradorafting.net Buffalo Joe's Whitewater Rafting 113 N. Railroad St., Buena Vista, 866/283-3563

45044 U.S. Hwy. 50, Cañon City, 866/283-3563

buffalojoe.com Canyon Marine Whitewater 10015 U.S. Hwy. 50, Poncha Springs, 800/539-4447

Royal Gorge office, Cañon City, 800/539-4447

canyonmarine.com Clear Creek Rafting Co. 44650 U.S. Hwy. 50 West, Cañon City, 800/353-9901

350 Whitewater Road, Idaho Springs, 800/353-9901

clearcreekrafting.com Dvorak Expeditions Cañon City, 800/824-3795

dvorakexpeditions.com Echo Canyon River Expeditions 45000 U.S. Hwy. 50 West, Cañon City, 800/755-3246

raftecho.com Four Corners Rafting 22565 U.S. Hwy. 285 South, Nathrop, 866/745-7238

fourcornersrafting.com Good Times Rafting Locations in Idaho Springs, Buena Vista and Frisco, 800/808-0357

goodtimesrafting.com Highside Adventure Tours Locations in Idaho Springs, Buena Vista and Frisco, 800/997-3448

raftingcolorado.com Kodi Rafting Locations in Buena Vista, Frisco and Kremmling, 877/747-7238

whitewatercolorado.com Performance Tours Rafting Locations in Breckenridge, Buena Vista and Royal Gorge/Cañon City, 800/328-7238

performancetours.com River Runners 24070 County Road 301, Buena Vista, 800/723-8987

whitewater.net Rock-N-Row, Inc. 19632 U.S. Hwy. 50, Cotopaxi, 877/487-2494

rocknrow.com Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center Offering training, equipment and excursions.

228 F St., Salida, 800/255-5784

rmoc.com Whitewater Adventure Outfitters 50905 Hwy. 50 West., Cañon City, 800/530-8212

waorafting.com A Whitewater Encounter 14825 Hwy. 285, Salida,


weraft.com Wilderness Aware Rafting Buena Vista, 800/462-7238


inaraft.com Rodeo

Colorado Pro Rodeo Association 1777 N. Wyatt Earp Lane, Pueblo West, 719/647-2828

coloradoprorodeo.com Colorado Springs Rodeo Association 1045 W. Rio Grande St., 635-3547

coloradospringsrodeo.com Professional Rodeo Cowboys

Association 101 ProRodeo Drive, 593-8840

prorodeo.com ProRodeo Hall of Fame 101 ProRodeo Drive, 528-4764

prorodeohalloffame.com Women's Professional Rodeo 1235 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 127, 576-0900

wpra.com Roller skating

Pikes Peak Roller Derby (competitive league) P.O. Box 10464, 238-7212

pikespeakderbydames.com Skate America 615 Hunter Drive, Pueblo, 719/545-2222

skate-america.net Skate City 1920 N. Academy Blvd., 597-6066

4575 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 591-1016


Gossage Skate Park 3225 Mark Dabling Blvd. John L. Stone Park 4017 Family Place Manitou Skateboard Park 101 El Paso Blvd., Manitou Springs Downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing

Over The Hill Gang,

International 1515 N. Tejon St., 389-0022

othgi.com Play Coed Colorado Ski Club 1575 Boulder St., Suite E, Denver, 303/477-7529 Schussbaumer Ski Club P.O. Box 2525, Denver, 970/453-9973

schussbaumer.com Ski Ambassadors Ski Club P.O. Box 25034, Colorado Springs, 596-2612

skiambassadors.tripod.com SkiSite.com skisite.com Slalom Gates Ski Club Denver

gatesski.org Slippers and Sliders Ski Club Denver

slippers-n-sliders.org SnoJets Ski Club P.O. Box 2504, 577-7669

snojets.org Up the Creek Ski &

Recreation Club Denver

upthecreek.org Skiing (cross-country)

Aspen/Snowmass Nordic Council aspennordic.com

Boulder Nordic Club

bouldernordic.org Chicken Creek Cross Country Mancos, 970/882-7296

mancoscolorado.com/chickencreek.htm Crested Butte Nordic Council cbnordic.org Grand Mesa Nordic Council home.mesastate.edu/~jerry/gmnc Natron

Nordic Enterprises 1520 Oak Ave., Boulder, 800/380-5048

natronnordic.com Rocky Mountain Nordic rmnordic.org Schussbaumer Ski Club P.O. Box 2525, Denver

schussbaumer.com Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center Winter Park, 970//887-2152 ext. 4173

ymcarockies.org Steamboat Springs Nordic Council

steamboatxcski.org Summit Masters Summit County

richardson@wave.ride.com Tierra del Fuego Nordic Ski Exchange Boulder, 303/881-9890

skifire.com Upper Rio Grande Nordic Club Creede, 719/658-2291 Upper Vail Nordic Ski Club Vail

daweswilson@hotmail.com Snowmobiling and ATV riding

All Season Adventures, Inc. 7345 W. Hwy. 50, Salida, 888/530-0651 Cat Tracks Motorsports 1455 Burnham St., Suite A, 392-1288, 888/530-0651 Chicago Ridge Snowcats Tours Leadville, 719/486-2277

skicooper.com/chicago.html Colorado Snowmobile Tours P.O. Box 1526, Buena Vista, 719/395-6727

vtinet.com/ccei Nova Guides, Inc. Vail, 719/486-2656,

888/949-6682 novaguides.com Continental Divide: ATV Rentals, Inc. 4037 Hwy. 91, Leadville, 800/247-7238

continentaldivideatv.com Cottonwood Country Snowmobile Tours

113 N. Railroad Ave., Buena Vista, 719/395-6727 White Mountain Tours 4037 Hwy. 91, Leadville, 800/247-7238

whitemountaintours.net Soccer - Leagues/other:

Colorado Springs United 2218 Winston Road, 641-1499 Colorado Springs Soccer Club 4990 Kipling St., Unit 13/14, Wheatridge, 303/456-0666

2280 E. Bijou St., second floor, 636-2772 Colorado Springs Sports Center

2450 Canada Drive, 637-3695

letsplaysoccer.com Corinthians Soccer 4239 N. Nevada Ave., Suite 100, 635-7115

corinthianssoccer.com Pikes Peak Rush Soccer Club 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd., 590-9977; rushpikespeak.com Premier Development

Soccer League 8158 Lockport Drive, 282-9458 Pride Soccer Club 2660 Vickers Drive, 597-6700

pridesoccer.com Softball

City of Colorado Springs Sports Office 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave.,


springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=5604 Swimming

Aquatic Fitness Center Memorial Park, 280 S. Union Blvd., 385-5984 Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center

3920 Dublin Blvd., 385-6508 Manitou Springs Aquatic Center 202 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-9735 Volleyball

City of Colorado Springs Adult Volleyball 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 385-5981

springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=5606 Joseph Volleyball Camp 7005 Ash Creek Heights, 597-3017 The Volleyball Shack 4949 Geiger Blvd., 637-1171


Other recreation

Bingo Hall 834 Emory Circle, 596-5068

treachap1.us/bingo.htm Bingo World 2511 Airport Road, 578-1441 Jackpot Bingo 2417 N. Union Blvd., 578-1490 Birding

American Birding Association, Inc.

4945 N. 30th St., 578-9703, 800/850-2473

720 W. Monument St., 578-1614

americanbirding.org Audubon Colorado 1966 13th St., Suite 230, Boulder, 303/415-0130

auduboncolorado.org Colorado Birding Society greatpikespeakbirdingtrail.org Colorado Field

Ornithologists P.O. Box 481, Lyons

cfo-link.org Starsmore Discovery Center: Hummingbird Garden 2120 S. Cheyenne Cañon Road, 385-6086

springsgov.com/page.asp?navid=780 Wild Bird Center 1722 E. Woodmen Road, 548-9863

wildbirdcenter.com/stores/cos Chess

Colorado Springs Chess Club 104 E. Platte Ave., 685-1984 Dog racing

PostTime Greyhound Park (simulcasts, no live racing) 3701 N. Nevada Ave., 632-1391 Family fun centers

Adventure Miniature Golf 6550 Corporate Drive, 528-5430 Gravity Play 4955 Northpark Drive, 531-7510

gravityplay.net Hitts Miniature Golf 3402 N. Academy Blvd., 591-1146 JoyRides Family Fun Center 5150 Edison Ave., 573-5500

joyridesffc.com King Pin 3410 N. Academy Blvd.,

574-0820 Glow Golf Chapel Hills Mall, 1710 Briargate Blvd. 593-2925 Laser Quest 1605 N. Academy Blvd., 570-1115

laserquest.com Manitou Springs Penny Arcade 900 block of Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, 685-9815 Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd., 955-7220

mrbiggsffc.com Nickel-a-Play 3275 E. Platte Ave., 471-2896 Skate City 1920 N. Academy Blvd., 597-6066

4575 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 591-1016

skatecitycolorado.com Gambling (Cripple Creek) For Black Hawk casinos, see blackhawkcolorado.com. For Central City casinos, see centralcitycolorado.com. Black Diamond Casino 425 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2898 Brass Ass Casino 264 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2446, 888/461-7529

midnightrose.com Bronco Billy's Casino 233 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2142, 877/989-2142

broncobillyscasino.com Colorado Grande 300 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-3517

coloradogrande.com Creeker's 274 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-3239

creekerscasino.com Double Eagle Hotel & Casino 400-442 E. Bennett Ave.,

719/689-5000, 800/711-7234

decasino.com Gold Creek Casino 400-442 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-5000, 800/711-7234

decasino.com Gold Digger Casino 217 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-3533

swcasino.com Gold Rush Hotel & Casino 209 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2646, 800/235-8239

swcasino.com Imperial Casino Hotel 123 N. Third St., 719/689-7777, 800/235-2922

imperialcasinohotel.com J.P. McGills 232 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2446, 888/461-7529

midnightrose.com Johnny Nolon's Saloon & Gambling Emporium 301 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2080 Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

256 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2446, 888/461-7529

midnightrose.com Uncle Sam's Casino 251 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2222 Virgin Mule 269 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-2734 Wild Horse Casino 353 Myers Ave., 719/687-7777

thewildhorsecasino.com Womack's Hotel and Casino 200-220 E. Bennett Ave., 719/689-0333

cnty.com Gun clubs, shooting ranges & firearm instruction

Ben Lomond Gun Club 594-0774 or 541-2255


blgc.org Colorado AR-15 Shooters Club

P.O. Box 7005

coloradoshooting.org/co-ar15.htm Dragon Arms, Inc. 1250 Dragon Man Drive, 683-2200

dragonmans.com National Training Center Shooting Club USA Shooting, 1 Olympic Plaza, 866-4886 Paradise Firearms

and Training 605 W. Colorado Ave., 630-7070

paradisefirearms.net Pikes Peak Gun Club and Izaak Walton Range 450 Franceville Coalmine Road, El Paso County, 719/683-4420

claytargetsonline.com Precision Defensive Shooting School 597-7807 Health clubs, yoga and pilates studios The following list includes the area's largest fitness centers and a handful of smaller specialized studios. For more comprehensive lists, see the Yellow Pages. 24 Hour Fitness 3650 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 262-0024

1892 Southgate Road, 633-2442

24hourfitness.com Bally Total Fitness 1801 S. Academy Blvd., 390-7700

5620 N. Academy Blvd., 593-1559

ballyfitness.com Brazilian Capoeira 3228 N. Nevada Ave., 231-6833

capsprings.com Colorado Springs Jazzercise Center 2360 Montebello Square, Suite D, 265-6474 Colorado Springs Racquet Club 2529 N. Murray Blvd., 596-2958

thecoloradospringsraquetclub.com CorePower Yoga 623 N. Nevada Ave., 477-9642

1025 W. Garden of the Gods Road, 265-8611

corepoweryoga.com Curves 16 locations in the region

curves.com The Defense Institute 845 S. Circle Drive, 630-8373

6436 Hwy. 85/87, Fountain, 392-1380

defenseinstitute.com Exclusively Women 1243 Hathaway Drive, 572-9955 Flex Gym & Fitness of Colorado Springs

6054 Hollow Tree Court, 599-4653 Gold's Gym 2375 Telstar Drive, 548-8400

goldsgym.com Ladies Fitness Etc. 1412 S. 21st St., 1635 W. Uintah St., Suite C, 632-3001 Luminous Lotus Yoga 127 E. Bijou St., 227-1452

luminouslotusyoga.com Lynmar Racquet &

Health Club 2660 Vickers Drive, 598-7075

lynmarclub.com Motion Studies Pilates and Physical Therapy 3020 W. Colorado Ave.,

Suite B, 635-7844 Pila Vires Pilates 19 N. Tejon St., 632-0509 Slim and Tone for Women 8670 N. Union Blvd., 282-8550

6961 Austin Bluffs Pkwy., 265-8550

6606 Delmonico Drive, 260-8551 We Be Yoga 108 E. Cheyenne Road, Suite 211

webeyoga.com World Gym Four locations around town

worldgymcs.com YMCA Six locations around town

ppymca.org Yoga Journeys 709 N. Nevada Ave., 477-9511

yoga-journeys.net Massage therapy

Colorado Massage

Network coloradomassage.net Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Offers massage finder. Search for any licensed, certified, insured therapist. 800/458-2267

abmp.com, massagetherapy.com

Other wellness
Dance schools

ArtSports 780 Vondelpark Drive, 531-5867 Attitudes Performing Dance Center 1506 N. Hancock Ave., 473-1770 Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance 1595 York Road, 598-4426 The Best Of Ballroom 5649 N. Academy Blvd., 272-9048 Colorado Jazz Dance Company

3226 N. Nevada Ave., 278-8499 Come Dance With Us 2318 Vickers Drive, 597-4451 Dance Center 4444 Barnes Road, 596-1134

thedancecenter.net Dance Colorado Dance Studio 612 S. Tejon St., 473-1395

dancecolorado.net Dance Unlimited 7850 N. Academy Blvd., 528-5715

danceu.com Dansport Dance 1753 S. Eighth St., Suite C2, 634-3269 Derby Dance Arts 1759 S. Eighth St., 475-0625

derbydance.com Peak Ballet Theatre 2228 W. Pikes Peak Ave., 632-7511 Jillian's School of Dance 5229 Galley Road, 499-3225 Jolene Clogging School 14960 Woodcarvers Road, 487-0199 Kathryn Grant's Dance Connection

467 E. Woodmen Road, 266-0611 La Sante et la Danse 2935 N. Prospect St., Suite 200, 329-0714

lasantecom.com McTeggart School of Irish Dance


mcteggart.com Modern Square Dancing 638-2758, 630-1902 Ormao Center for Contemporary Dance

611 N. Royer St., 471-9759

ormaodance.org Peak Ballet Theatre 810-A Arcturus Drive., 632-7511

thepeakballet.org Raphaelle's Dance Studio 1211 Maxwell St., 390-5146 Robin's Danceworks 3352 Templeton Gap Road, 328-0694 Celtic Steps School of Irish Dance 3333 G N. El Paso St., 527-7092

celticsteps.org Social Elegance 2109 Templeton Gap Road, 632-4055

socialelegance.net Springs City Ballet 4847 Barnes Road, 550-1616 The Studio Dance Center 3020 W. Colorado Ave., 632-3318 Synergy Dance Academy 3661 Star Ranch Road, 579-6657 World of Dance 2501 W. Colorado Ave., Suite 210, 471-4490 Zamuel Ballet School 3560 N. Academy Blvd., 570-1441

zamuelballet.com Annual fitness, health and fundraising events Hundreds of area sports organizations and nonprofits host events each year. For more comprehensive listings, visit the Center for Nonprofit Excellence at cnecoloradosprings.org/Calendar_of_Events.htm. Fifth annual Ride for the Brand

July 7, 2007 A WRCA-sanctioned rodeo event, the weekend kicks off at high noon on July 6 with a downtown longhorn cattle drive, traveling south on Tejon Street. After the rodeo, take part in the rockin' rodeo dance.

Norris-Penrose Event Center, 1045 West Rio Grande St., 635-7776

rideforthebrandrodeo.com 85th annual Race to the Clouds

July 21, 2007 Cars, trucks and cycles compete up the Pikes Peak Highway, to the 14,110-foot summit of Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak, 685-4400

ppihc.com Pikes Peak Ascent and


Aug. 18-19, 2007 Watch or participate as runners partake in races up Pikes Peak.

Manitou Springs, starting line at the 600 block at Memorial Park, 473-2625

pikespeakmarathon.org 9Health Fair Fairs for uninsured, underinsured and low-income families, with free and low-cost health screenings.

April 14-22, 2007


9healthfair.org Celebration Metaphysical Fairs

April 13-15, Oct. 5-7, 2007 Supporting personal and community growth, health and joy through various psychic and crafts booths, entertainment and seminars.

Colorado Springs City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St., 634-1810

celebrationfair.com/colosprg1.htm Walk to Cure Arthritis

May 12, 2007 America the Beautiful Park,

126 Cimino Drive

csarthritiswalk.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=200641 Great Strides walk to cure Cystic Fibrosis

May 19, 2007 America the Beautiful Park, 126 Cimino Drive

cff.org/great_strides/find_a_walk_site/index.cfm Pasta in the Park

Aug. 11, 2007 Supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Myron Stratton Campus, 2525 S. Hwy. 115, 785-6808

tessacs.org Memory Walk for Alzheimer's

Sept. 8, 2007 5K walk starting at America the Beautiful Park

coloradomemorywalk.org/mw07.asp Pikes Peak Challenge

Sept. 8, 2007 Hike to the summit of Pikes Peak on Barr Trail in this benefit for the Brain Injury Association of Colorado. Participants must pre-register, starting June 1.

Pikes Peak, 574-1634

pikespeakchallenge.com Race for the Cure

Sept. 9, 2007 Garden of the Gods Park

csraceforthecure.org Walk to Cure Diabetes

Sept. 15, 2007 walk.jdrf.org

Garden supply and nurseries Colorado Springs Independent readers in 2006 voted the following nurseries as the Top 3 in the city: Rick's Garden Center 1827 W. Uintah St., 632-8491


or Rick's Nursery 600 N. 18th St., 636-3085

ricksnursery.com Spencer's Lawn & Garden Center 1430 S. Tejon St., 632-2788 Good Earth Garden Center 1330 N. Walnut St., 473-3399 Sustainablelandscaping and Xeriscape information

A Guide to Public & Private Tree Care and Ordinances in Colorado Springs City Forestry Office, 385-5942

springsgov.com/sectionindex.asp?sectionid=43 Colorado Springs Utilities 448-4800

csu.org/environment/xeriscape Colorado Water Wise Council 303/893-2992

coloradowaterwise.org CSU Cooperative Extension 636-8920, ext.colostate.edu

Master Gardener Help Desk, 636-8921 National Sustainable

Agriculture Information Service attra.ncat.org Solidarity of Hope 660-7923, solidartityofhope.org Gardening clubs/societies

Elmohr Iris Society Darice, 630-0595

irises.org Horticulture Arts Society of

Colorado Springs 475-0250 Pikes Peak Bonsai Society Bill, 540-3708

phoenixbonsai.com/pikespeakbonsai.html Pikes Peak Herb Association Sharon, 533-0707

herbassociation.com Pikes Peak Water Garden Society Betty Lou, 597-1504


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