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Gentle Fritz’s sound advice


In 2011, Zodiac co-owners Gentle Fritz and Christina Stone built downtown’s Zodiac music venue/bar/performance space and have been managing it ever since. A Colorado native and avid music fan, Fritz is also a local dancer and performing artist.

“Music is my religion and my favorite drug,” she says. “It is the best way to time travel and a great way to experience other cultures.”

We asked her for a rundown of what she’s been listening to lately.

Essential Sunday morning listening: Tina Turner has been busy, while I have been running wild. Apparently she is a Buddhist, and has this relaxing, beautiful meditation album Lotus Sutra/Purity of Mind. Find a sunbeam and a cup of Earl Grey and ease in to a sweet, soft Sunday.

Artist more people should know about: La Femme. They’re a French psychedelic/synth/post punk band, and their song “Always in the Sun” carries me to a place of dreams and hope. The soothing female voice, undulating rhythms and swirling electronic noises just pull me in. And as the music builds, it paints surreal images in my head and beckons to my soul. It’s like kissing the moon. I recommend all their music, but this song stands out for me, while the main body of their work I would call more mischievous and fun.

Song I currently can’t get out of my head: “Swim” by Tsar B. This song has been haunting me for about two months. Tsar B is a Belgian act whose music is dark and erotic. She sings to me like a strong, bitter siren. The heavy bass is stretched out like the aftermath of a bomb that’s still ringing. The sounds are blown out, as if you have pain but cannot figure out where the injury is.

Artists I wish I could unhear: Every song that sounds like a commercial, so most pop music. Also, I would strike Michael Jackson from my memory.

Guilty pleasures: I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

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