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Gazing into the crystal ball



A year ago this week, our own John Hazlehurst issued his annual predictions. Cocky as ever, he challenged readers to, in his words hold him "accountable for 'em 12 months hence."

So here we are. This is what the Great Predictor had to say on Jan. 1:

"George Bush will lose the presidential election in November."

"The Dems can and will win, and here's how: They'll start by nominating Howard Dean (who) will select a good, stolid conservative Dem as his running mate (Sam Nunn? Wes Clark?)."

"Expect to see a well-financed, sophisticated recall effort ... and who better to target than Eric Christen, who can easily be painted as an angry, slightly crazy, anti-public school activist?"

"Both present city council member Margaret Radford and past council member/perpetual candidate Sallie Clark will be elected to the Board of County Commissioners in November."

"The city won't sell the City Auditorium. Instead, they'll transfer it to a private foundation, which will run it at a profit."

"Saddam will be found 'not guilty' -- and I'll win Powerball."

Crystal balls can get awful cloudy and, by our calculation, that's one for nine. John, you may want to stick to your day job.

-- Cara DeGette

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