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Springs hip-hop promoter Gary Vanderpool's sound advice


  • Derinda Vanderpool
If you’ve been to a few Colorado Springs hip-hop shows over the past decade, there’s a good chance you’ve run across manager-promoter Gary Vanderpool, the guy with the beard and the occasional blunt hanging from his mouth. Maybe you’ve even seen him onstage, pressing play for local rap group Bullhead*ded. Through the years, Vanderpool has worked on shows featuring national acts KRS-One, Sage Francis, Eyedea & Abilities, Cage, Zion I and numerous others. He also teamed up with Bryan Ostrow to create the ever-popular Metal VS Hip Hop concert series, and was the music director for Weed Pimp Nation for many years. Also, July 25 is his birthday and, even though he won’t tell us his age, we figured we’d still ask a few questions about his favorite music.

First record I bought with my own money: The Chronic by Dr. Dre. It might not have been the first, but it for sure was the first one I went in alone to get. We were at the Chapel Hills Mall. I pretended to go to the bathroom and ducked into Musicland on the way. That tape was the first to get thrown away too, because my mom didn’t like the cussing. She also used a lot of cuss words while she was explaining that to me. I got it again, she threw it away again, and we continued to play this game with a lot of now-classic hip-hop tapes.

“Wish I’d written that” song: “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Not only because it’s amazing, but for a couple other reasons, as well: Both verses in the song are identical and nobody seems to notice. They just rap along to that shit again. Also, “Ooh baby, I like it raw” kind of became my tag line.

My latest online discovery: I heard Tone ET recently and it blew my mind. Dude is really, really good. He’s from Denver and he just recently released “Made Men in the Coupe” with TMC!, who’s another super-talented Colorado emcee. They have a show at the Black Sheep, Friday, July 27, along with The FAMM and Clydesdales. You should go.

Artist more people should know about: Of course I’m going to say Bullhead*ded, given that I’ve booked their shows for a decade. I don’t know anyone who loves to make music as much as them, and they’ve gotten so polished. Their stage show is exceptional, and I truly believe they need to have a bigger audience outside of here. Also I have to mention Ibe Hustles, another Springs emcee. He is my favorite emcee of all time. His production is also amazing. And as long as we are here, check out Milogic and Teqnik G too. Fuck it, just search “Colorado Springs hip-hop” and press play.

Guilty pleasure: There’s this fucking country singer Kane Brown. I jam out to that dude. Don’t be telling people I listen to country songs, though.

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