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G-strings, gee whiz


Burlesque was big in late 19th- and early 20th-century American culture. Frequently more "Rubenesque" than those in modern strip joints, burlesquers used bawdy dance routines, gutbucket music and scanty attire to suggest nudity rather than fully achieve it.


Heather Clark
World Arena area

Decorator and costumer
How does burlesque differ from stripping? Burlesque transforms the mere fact of taking off clothes. It strives to create a separate world through artful use of dance, movement and music. It has more of a sense of history and nostalgia, awareness of a different era.

What's your own view of it? If it's done well, it can be fun. If it's done poorly, it's seedy.

Have you ever seen a live show? I've seen burlesque acts, but I've never been to an actual show.

Would you oppose a burlesque palace in your neighborhood? I'd be fine with it as long as it's done well, with art and taste.

If you were a burlesque star, what would your stage name be? Jasmine McCarty my cat's name and my mother's maiden name.


Jonathan Eberhardt
Knob Hill

Professional actor
Differentiate between burlesque and stripping. Burlesque is the art of sensuality without being overt, while stripping is overt sensuality.

Have you ever seen live burlesque? Once. The show I saw was performed in traditional 1890s, turn-of-the-century style. I thought its ability to suggest sensuality was more titillating than blatant nudity, and it appealed to a wider variety of people.

Would you shed clothes to music before a cheering audience? Maybe, depending on if I got paid or not.

Would you be OK with a burlesque joint in your neighborhood? Totally, absolutely, 100 percent, yippee.

If you were a popular burlesque performer, what would your moniker be? Skinny le Deux. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds good.


Monica Owens
Vista Grande

Sand miner
Explain the difference between burlesque and stripping. There's a conscious intent in burlesque to create a feeling in the audience, not just show skin. It strives to make a more specifically artistic use of movement, dance, feeling.

Would you consider doing it yourself? Probably not.

Would you patronize it if a burlesque establishment opened locally? I would at least once, to see what it's like.

Would you oppose a burlesque joint in your neighborhood? I see no reason to.

Pretend you're a burlesque performer. What's your stage name? Chewy.
Bob Campbell

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