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Funky cold imposta?

SoDo's ready to welcome Tone Loc we think



Will the real Tone Loc please stand up, please stand up?

Or better yet, will his real manager at least come forward?

The gravelly voiced rapper-actor, best known for concocting the disastrously ineffective love potion "Funky Cold Medina," recently was booked for events in Michigan by a man posing as his manager; the guy scammed bar owners out of thousands of dollars. Tone's real manager, notified of the situation, arranged for his client to play the fake gigs at his regular fee.


But with an engagement at SoDo scheduled for this weekend, will Tone Loc show up, or will a crowd anxiously waiting to sing along to "Wild Thing" be disappointed?

Numerous calls from the Indy to Tone Loc's publicist have been met with a stream of voicemail greetings and an unfulfilled promise to call back. So the mystery of his appearance in Colorado Springs is even foggier than a Scooby Doo plot line.

What are we to do while we wait? Play "Six Degrees of Tone Loc," of course!

Born Anthony Terrell Smith, Tone Loc (a twist on his nickname Antonio Loco) hit it big in 1989 with "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," both written by Young MC. That year, Young MC (#1) released "Bust a Move," on which Red Hot Chili Peppers musician Flea (#2) provided the bass line. Flea played the Marty McFly antagonist Needles in Back to the Future II, which starred Michael J. Fox (#3). Fox was in Casualties of War, directed by Brian De Palma (#4). De Palma also directed Scarface, featuring Al Pacino (#5) and the worst Cuban accent in film history. Pacino worked with Jeremy Piven (#6) in Heat, and Piven was in the timeless classic Car 54, Where are You? with Tone Loc.

Now if Tone does show up at SoDo, you can ask him what Ari Gold is really like in person.

Tone Loc
SoDo, 527 S. Tejon St.
Saturday, April 26, 9:30 p.m.
Tickets: $20, 18-plus;
available at

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