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Fujiyama, River North Brewery, Susie's Westside Cafe

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22 S. Tejon St., 630-1167,

There's no need to brave crowds for the half-off-everything special from 5 to 6 p.m. on Mondays when you can get 20 percent off nigiri and half-off rolls every weekday at lunch. Which makes serviceable but not spectacular items like the Colorado roll of baked salmon, avocado and cucumber drop from $7.99 to $3.99.

Satisfaction will still be found at $11.95 for either the spicy seafood noodle soup or veggie yaki udon bowl. Three unsuccessful attempts by phone to find someone who could talk about them in depth leaves me able to say only this: The light, broth-less yaki udon leads with sesame flavors and fresh veg crunch to contrast its soft, fat noodles. The soup arrives in a traditional metal hot pot with a wooden lid; inside, overly tough seafood pieces are less thrilling than the thick noodles, cabbage and modestly spicy, bright orange, Korean-style broth. — Matthew Schniper


River North Brewery

2401 Blake St., Denver, 303/296-2617,

River North is best-known and -regarded for its 22-ounce bombers, mostly high-ABV, Belgian-inspired beers that are often aged in wine or whiskey barrels as limited releases. Locally, The Wild Goose Meeting House devotes one of its taps exclusively to the Denver outfit, recently with a collaborative Black IPA and a special Quandary on Oak (an "Abbey-style Quad"), and often with River North's White Ale (also available in stores, around $10 per 16-ounce four-pack).

It's sessionable at 5-percent ABV; light, refreshing and crisp with the banana elements inherent to the Belgian yeast, but scant citrus beyond the nose — a craftier Blue Moon, to be blunt about it. The can promotes the most basic of recipes ("just wheat, barley, a dash of hops and one of our favorite strains of brewer's yeast"), saying it's "what our brewmaster drinks at the end of a brewday." After sampling here at 5:30 p.m., we can certainly see why. — Matthew Schniper


Susie's Westside Café

1686 S. 21st St., 442-0090

The double-barreled breakfast burrito ($11.49) at Susan McGregor's hilltop stop is about as much food as you're likely to ever want in one sitting. Two foot-long rolls are packed with ground sausage from Colorado Springs' Decker & Sons, salsa, fluffy scrambled eggs and cheese before being smothered in a beautiful house green chili dotted with chunky tomatoes. At first glance, it looks like it might run more toward the gravy side — which McGregor says will happen as it sits — but the flavors come off clean, bright and fruity. Modest spice builds in the back of your throat, rewarding the heat-seeker.

Sight-seekers benefit, too, with views of the surrounding Gold Hill neighborhood that stretch all the way to downtown. Grab your honey and some coffee, and find the bench overlooking it all outside. Saturday morning looks a lot better when you see it start through steaming tendrils. — Bryce Crawford

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