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Sixty seconds with Alex Kapranos



Indy: Your latest CD, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, is more synth- and dance-based than your first two CDs. Did you feel you needed to change the sound up on this third CD?

AK: After that [second] record came out, I just felt there was so much of that sound around about us. Kind of as we were touring that record, I kept on hearing things around about me where I was thinking, fuck, this sound is becoming kind of ubiquitous. I know that toward the middle of 2006, I remember way back then thinking whatever we do next, it's got to sound different, mainly for our own sense of satisfaction. I guess we've always been awkward, cantankerous people who never really wanted to fit in. We always wanted to be at odds with what's around about. That's kind of how we got our identity in the beginning anyway, by listening to what was around us and trying to rebel against that. I guess the same principle was taking us to this new sound.

Indy: You guys kept a pretty low profile in making Tonight. There's less hype around this album as well. Has that been intentional?

AK: We did withdraw from the public eye a little bit, but I think in the long term for a band, that's healthier. I felt with our first and second record, there was an element of hype around our band that wasn't invited by us ... I feel that you really have to kind of earn the respect of your fans in some way and not rely upon hype and kind of go, yeah, come back, come back and discover it and judge it on your own terms. I think ultimately that's the healthiest situation a band can be in.

Indy: How do the new songs translate live?

AK: We're experimenting a little bit with the sound because the new record has some sounds we haven't used before live ... It took us awhile to work out how to do that live, but now we've got it completely together.

At Denver's Ogden Theatre, April 22.

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