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Fozzy at Sunshine Studios show preview



As Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and Captain Lou Albano have proven in years past, transitioning from the wrestling ring to the music realm can be a tricky business. Better, perhaps, to follow in the footsteps of Jesse “The Body” Ventura and enter the world of politics, a profession that bears a striking resemblance to championship wrestling’s trumped-up conflict and larger-than-life bullshit. Or you could just go the more benign Mr. T route, and be preserved for eternity via online memes and eBay cereal boxes.

Under the circumstances, six-time WWE champion Chris Jericho has done pretty well for himself. His metallic-tinged rock band Fozzy (no relation to the Muppet) now has 10 albums and 20 years under its belt, beginning with a self-titled release that featured back-to-back renditions of Krokus’ “Eat the Rich” and Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry.” Before long, Jericho and company were venturing into nu-metal terrain and writing memorable lyrics of their own: “You said that I’d never make it / But here I am / And it don’t take long to figure out / Who’s the man.” It’s the kind of boast that’s as true now as it ever was.

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