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The rigmarole goes on and the workday's just as long, but life tends to unfold more leisurely in summer.

David Johnson

David Johnson of Skyway is a business owner

Are the fires and floods of recent years casting a pall over this summer? Hopefully not. I lived in Westminster in Denver last year. We felt the effects of flooding there, too.

Anything special planned for this summer? My wife and I are flying to Argentina next week. I lived there for four years, and my wife is Argentine. It's where we met.

Name a best-ever summer moment. Drinking wine in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foot of the Andes with Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, staring me in the face.

You're lying on a hammock on a glorious summer day. What music is playing? John Coltrane. Or maybe Miles Davis, the album Miles Smiles.

What's your go-to summer drink? A cold, nice, light Spring Blonde by New Belgium.

Joanna Bolek

Joanna Bolek of Reed Ranch works in a nursing home

Are we prepared for fire and flooding disasters this summer? I hope so. The edge of a floodplain ends halfway up our driveway.

What about summer do you anticipate most? Building a raised-bed garden at the nursing home I work at.

Name a best-ever summer moment. I just recently had a great pre-summer moment. My husband, son and I went on a hike and took along a picnic lunch. We found a spot off the beaten track and laid out a blanket. Lying around after eating, I started pedaling my feet in the air and my husband and son joined in. I got tired and stopped, but they kept going, competing with each other to keep going longest.

What's your go-to summer drink? Arnold Palmers.

Erik Flannery

Erik Flannery of Fort Carson is in the Army

Are we better prepared for fires and floods this summer? Hopefully. We had plenty of practice last year.

What about summer are you looking forward to most? Outdoor activities like hiking.

What springs to mind when you think "summer"? Waking up to see the sun coming up above a lake or over the mountains.

Envision lying in a hammock with a cold drink on a lovely summer afternoon. What music is playing? Some Beatles. Maybe some Buffalo Springfield.

Name a best-ever summer moment. Whitewater rafting on the middle fork of the Flathead River in Montana.

What's your go-to summer drink? One of the local dark beers.

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