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For Whom the Boom?

First Strike Theatre demands no stock answers in their new satirical comedy



Athough the First Strike Theatre company has remained active with several small, privately-commissioned productions a year, Class Act marks their first "mainstage" public performance in four years. The wide-ranging theatrical evening is billed as "an unbalanced account of uncommon wealth," combining skits and parodies along with song spoofs in a collaborative creation of social satire focused on the current "booming" economy.

Some of the material comes from a production by a similar theater company affiliated with the Boston-based organization "United for a Fair Economy," whose goal is to find creative ways to close the gap between the very rich and everybody else. Most of the rest of the material is homegrown, generally working from a script by director and ensemble member Mary Sprunger-Froese. The cast then takes on the script, working in an improvisational atmosphere as the material is tested, refined, scrapped and recycled.

The rollicking night of comedy plays just four shows in Colorado Springs, but following its local run, the troupe is heading north for performances in Boulder and Denver. In addition to offering sliding-scale ticket prices, First Strike Theatre makes the appropriate pledge that no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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