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Football injuries, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, snow plowing, and more



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Football and politics

Every time they open the skull of a football player postmortem, they find profound damage. Football not only destroys men's lives but forces strapped school districts to use money for pads that would normally be used for developing that gray matter that is the consistency of pudding. Until a young man dies on the field, on TV, people will not see the gravity. As Maximus asked, "Are you not entertained?"

And as reality sets in: Fat Tuesday for Chris Christie! Bon voyage, Donald! Dim the spotlight on a narcissist and they disappear, shouting in retreat.

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

Bernie's appeal

John Hazlehurst's latest column is bitterly disappointing ("An example for America"). Our government is basically broken, going to the highest bidder. The investment banks have shattered the economy. It is still on life support. Unnecessary wars have blown a massive hole in our budget. Trade agreements have impoverished workers and disempowered unions. Being poor in America is a crime punishable by death.

Only one candidate has called any of this out in any meaningful way. He has done it without taking money from our cartel of billionaires, and has not kowtowed to any of them. He has also conducted himself in a gentlemanly way.

Bernie Sanders. Mr. Hazlehurst chooses to dispose of him in a most dishonest, intellectually slothful manner. He calls Sanders a jerk. Evidence? None. He lumps him in with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Does he back up his name-calling? Nope. He just disposes of him with a throwaway line.

Bernie deserves better. So do your readers.

— Steve Milligan

Colorado Springs

Insufficient plowing

As a senior I'm used to many perks and discounts as it only costs 85 cents to ride the bus. $2.25 for a meal at the Senior Center, free use of the pool at the downtown Y, etc.

Last week, AARP had a defensive driving class at Hancock Senior Center. No meals were served but I thought, since it was at the senior center, Hancock Avenue would be plowed. No. Scared me but I made it. Driving there my tire light came on, and the only place I can get the nitrogen mix for my tires is at the Subaru dealer, which I assumed would be plowed as people were having trouble with their cars in this bad weather and it has a treacherous hill down to Eighth Street. If your brakes wouldn't hold or you slid, you would be in awful traffic.

Here it is Friday morning, and my street has not been plowed. Three high-rise apartment buildings use it with probably 100 cars daily.

My driving instructor said he shoveled his driveway and his neighbors' on a side street, and more than one snowplow came and pushed it right back up. What is the criterion used by the plows?

— Colleene Johnson

Colorado Springs

Defending Cucuru

I was rather perplexed and disappointed in Matthew Schniper's Jan. 20 review of Cucuru in the Dine & Dash section. The "funky artsy coffee and boozy cafe" was a seriously degrading description.

Boozy? Where do you get off calling this place boozy? Are people sitting around boozing all day? Cucuru has distinguished itself by offering a sophisticated wine list, along with really nice beers and drinks.

You chose to order a special of the day. Period. As a food critic, shouldn't you try different things, especially the house specialties? Like the Cuban sandwich. It is so good, and authentic. Not your American version. The green chili burger is really delicious. My favorite is the Shrimp Diablo. To die for.

If you don't understand refined, ethnic and nuanced foods like that at Cucuru, you should reexamine your credentials as a food critic. And maybe your writing skills, as I am always confused by your reviews. Are you a Gemini?

I challenge you to try again with a more open-minded view. The place is full of art, the owner's enthusiasm for food and life is uplifting, the music is great.

The challenge stands. Let me know, I will meet you there, and I will even treat! Deal?

— Kate Ferriter

Colorado Springs

Not the solution

I'm no Republican, but anyone who has coverage should be dead-set against this proposal ("GOP opposes health bill"). Most people in Colorado have some form of health care and pay for their coverage in part. Why would people also want to pay 3.33 percent of their wages or pension to the state when they already have coverage (even retirees would pay this)? Would the state refund/reimburse what a person is already paying for? And, of course, many more now have Medicaid because of the ACA and pay no monthly premiums at all. Would they now want to pay 3.33 percent out of their meager jobs?

So, the answer is to turn everything upside down (again) and take more money from those who have health insurance to help those few who don't have coverage? Isn't that why the ACA was created, so everyone has insurance?

In addition, employers/businesses would pay 6.66 percent of an employee's wages (where this additional amount will come from for a retiree, I do not know); so people will pay twice for health coverage. That's absurd! If voters approve this, it will drive businesses and retirees out of this state in droves and will needlessly take money from those who have coverage.

— Steve Nolte

Colorado Springs

Gun laws sufficient

In response to Judie C. McMath's letter ("A more realistic remedy"), I present a bumper sticker that I saw in 1967: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Does she really think outlaws will register their guns? What laws would she have passed that would ensure the safety of the populace?

Second, what with NICS in place at every gun show, there is no such thing as a "gun show loophole." Third, does she really think criminals are going to purchase insurance to protect their victims? Are criminals going to take a test or a class, written or practical?

Fourth, plenty of laws on the books discourage criminals if they would only be enforced, such as a mandatory five years in prison for committing a crime while in possession of a firearm. That is a federal law, which most cities, counties and states neglect to enforce.

Most gun laws just inhibit and/or punish law-abiding citizens. Adolf Hitler bragged in the late 1930s: "Germany is the first country to have total gun registration." Within a year only criminals had guns because all the legally registered guns had been confiscated. Ms. McMath should contact her district attorney to insist that the laws on record are upheld.

I have to agree with her that candles and flowers, while a nice show, are not going to fix anything. Prayer, however, may help the grieving relatives. I don't know for sure.

— Eric L. Nabors

Colorado Springs

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