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Football fans pull for the Broncos in Super Bowl 50

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Sunday will be the Broncos' eighth trip to the Super Bowl, tying them with Dallas, Pittsburgh and New England. Does Denver have the goods to win their third title?

Eli Ricca
  • Eli Ricca

Eli Ricca of Northgate is an engineer.

What's your best-ever Super Bowl moment? When the Giants upset the then-undefeated Patriots in 2008 with that last-second, one-handed catch on the helmet.

The betting is going mostly against the Broncos. How do you think it'll go Sunday? Either way, it won't be a blowout. Denver's defense is great. It'll be interesting to see if they can get Cam Newton out of his game.

How will the Broncos fare in the next few years without Manning? Given their defense, they'll continue being a good team. They need somebody to get the offense working, though. Whether it's Osweiler or someone else.

Tim Evans of the west side is a retired firefighter.

Did you see the first Super Bowl? I'm 90 percent sure I did, but I only vaguely remember. It was 50 years ago.

What was the best-ever Super Bowl? I'm from Chicago, so that would be Super Bowl XX when the Bears kicked New England's ass, 46-10. That game had everything — Walter Payton, The Fridge, the Super Bowl Shuffle and the crazy-as-hell Mike Ditka.

What's your most memorable Super Bowl moment? The Fridge scoring that touchdown. I watched it at the firehouse in Chicago and everyone erupted into a standing ovation roar.

How will the Broncos fare against Carolina? Cam Newton's great, but he's young. If anybody succumbs to pressure, it'll be him, not Peyton. I'm going with the best "D." I pick the Broncos in an upset.

What awaits the Broncos in the next few years with Manning retired? They have a good coach, a good defense, young players, and Osweiler will come into his own next year.

Michael McNern of downtown is a screenwriter.

Did you see the first Super Bowl? I was nine in 1967. I don't remember. The first one I remember is Joe Namath and the Jets beating the Colts in '69.

What's the best-ever Super Bowl? When Elway and Terrell Davis led the Broncos over Green Bay in '98.

How will the Broncos fare Sunday? The Panthers have the more impressive offense and the Broncos have the more impressive defense. I'm hoping Von Miller chases Cam Newton down all day long.

If Manning retires, what awaits the Broncos over the next few years? They'll be mediocre, lucky to be 9 and 7.

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